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1000FT Cat6 Plenum CMP Yellow Cable

Cat6 Plenum 1000ft (CMP), 23 AWG CCA, 550MHz Ethernet Cable

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Cat6 plenum (UTP) unshielded twisted pair Networking 1000ft cable. Cat6 Plenum 1000ft CMP Cable is used in buildings and plenum spaces for easy installation. Cat6 Plenum CMP Solid UTP Ethernet Networking cable tested to 550MHz, Cat6 Solid Plenum CMP fire safety rating cable, Cat6 plenum CMP is safe for use Indoor and outdoor works. It has with Enhanced Performance, bandwidth, audio/video, broadband and in Reel Packing for smooth installation with security capabilities and ideal for network installation for business and home use and also for Network Adapters, Hubs, and Switches, Routers, DSL/Modem other High-Performance networking applications where plenum cables are required.


  • UPC: 033504493993
  • Length: 1000ft, Reel Packing
  • 4-Pair (UTP) unshielded twisted pair cable
  • 23 AWG CCA conductors
  • No Smoke, CMP Plenum Rated Jacket
  • Available in White, Blue, Grey and Yellow colors.



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First rate. We use this cable as our go to choice.
Great price and the product looks and feels top quality.
I searched for this cable for a few days on various computer sites but then figured I would try 1000FTCables low and behold here was exactly what I wanted too and for less money than anything else I had found! Arrived quickly and was exactly what I needed!
Perfect wire. Does exactly what it was ment to do, and that is transmit data at high speeds. I needed the wire to run from a med room to an office where i work. The total distance was about 300ish feet and once i wired the plugs correctly, it worked wonderfully.
Honestly, this was the first experience with cabling and haven't used any other brands/types besides this since this worked just fine.
Price, cheaper than other major online cables store. Bought a new house and decided to run Cat 6 cables where ever possible for video streaming and for the desktops to access the internet /LAN. A year ago i bought the same type of cable from a major online cable store which is $40 more expensive since the shipping was not included.
This cable is strong, durable, and great to handle. Thanks for providing me with your best product possible.
The box has held up completely fine pulling all 1000 ft out of it. I used some crimps on these and the cables have tested very well. I haven't tested any data/signal integrity with this cable yet but for home networking it has worked out great.
Don't let my lack of overall "Tech Knowledge" keep you from thinking that all cables are just... cables. I've got several similar in length & highly rated ethernet type of Cat 6 cables that seem to do OK. But, before plugging this into a port, I took a good look at it. I even got a magnifying glass & compared its construction to others. No contest! It's built. But, the best test was in using it. Many of the small glitches that happened so often that I expected them & was used to them... disappeared! Buy this.
Pulled out of the box easily. Ran all over the place well. Works well, haven't had an issue and have done around 14 drops in my house.
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Cat6 Spec (Cat6_Spec_sheet_data.pdf, 264 Kb) [Download]

Fluke-Test (Category_6_CMP_spec.pdf, 101 Kb) [Download]