Security Alarm Speaker Cable 1000ft

1000ft Security Alarm Speaker Cable

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Security systems and home automation systems which have security controllers.However, it doesn’t make any difference which type of system one is installing, alarm wiring will always be an integral part of an overall installation.  Installers will consistently say that the wiring they use is a 22-AWG wire. In addition, any installer worth his salt will insist on stranded cable as opposed to 22-gauge bare copper wire.  bare copper stranded 22AWG wire. Features: Brand NEW in 1000ft Easy Pull Box Type. In CM PVC Jacket Available Color WHITE Ideal for Indoor Remote Control of Security & Surveilliance systems, Intercom, and Sound Systems. Can be used for Speaker Wire, CCTV Security Camera Power, Security Alarm Signal Wire Can be used for ADT Alarm Signal Wire PVC Outer Jacket


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