4 Wire Telephone T Adapter

4 Wire Telephone T Adapter

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This Modular T Adapter ability to connect two 4 wire RJ11 modular cables to a jack of the same type. As with all of our products, this Modular T Adapter rates high in performance while still being cost effective.RJ11 is a physical interface often used for terminating telephone wires. It is probably the most familiar of the registered jacks, being used for single line POTS telephone jacks in most homes across the world.Cables sold as RJ11 are nearly always 6P4C (six position, four conductor), with four wires running to a central junction box. Two of its six possible contact positions connect tip and ring and the other two conductors are then unused. 6P2C and 6P6C can also be found in stores.  Features Modular T Adapter - RJ11 4 Wire Connectors: Male 4-wire RJ11 to two Female 4-wire RJ11 Designed to connect two Modular cables to one jack .


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