6ft 5 RCA Audio Video Component Cable

6ft 5 RCA Audio Video Component Cable

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This is a 6ft.Audio Video Component RCA cable featuring L + R Stereo audio and R + G + B video (5-RCA). The preferred interconnect solution for un-compromised performance in high-definition and progressive-scan video applications. For use with video cameras, DVD, VCRs, DSS, High Definition digital TV (HDTV), VCR, DSS, DVD, TV and so on. Color Coded: Green, Red and Blue with triple heavy-duty super shielded 75 ohm RG-59 cables to maximize signal transfer and minimize interference. RCA plugs to improve conductivity. Fully molded construction. Excellent quality. Featurs Connector Type: 5 RCA Male to 5 RCA Male Provide HD video signal transfer between DVD players & high-end TVs/Monitors for optimum picture resolution & color Precision 75? Impedance for Max. Signal Transfer EMI-RFI Protected Double High-Density Aluminum Shield 100% 0.12mm Aluminum-Polyester Foil Shield 3 RG59 95% Copper-Braid Shielded Conductors 95% Spiral-Wound-Shield Audio Conductors 99.99% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper Wire Ultra-Flex Satin-Ivory Rubber 6.0mm OD PVC Jacket Low-Attenuation Foamed Cellular Dielectric Color-Coded – Fully Molded Construction 


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