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This cable is strong, durable, and great to handle. Thanks for providing me with your best product possible.
This is the first time i have ever ran cable and so far i have ran over 1,000 feet. Working fine.
The box has held up completely fine pulling all 1000 ft out of it. I used some crimps on these and the cables have tested very well. I haven't tested any data/signal integrity with this cable yet but for home networking it has worked out great.
-Cable has been coming right out of the box and I haven't seen any pre-existing damage. -Works as intended.
Don't let my lack of overall "Tech Knowledge" keep you from thinking that all cables are just... cables. I've got several similar in length & highly rated ethernet type of Cat 6 cables that seem to do OK. But, before plugging this into a port, I took a good look at it. I even got a magnifying glass & compared its construction to others. No contest! It's built. But, the best test was in using it. Many of the small glitches that happened so often that I expected them & was used to them... disappeared! Buy this.
Pulled out of the box easily. Ran all over the place well. Works well, haven't had an issue and have done around 14 drops in my house.
Wired my entire house without a problem. Bought this to run wires throughout my home. This stuff has proven perfect for the job
Excellent quality. I get full speed on my Gigabit network with these with no dropped packets. Wide variety of colors available, which is extremely helpful for color-coding my two 24-port patch panels and three switches. Price was very low and shipping costs was also very less when purchasing multiple cables.