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cat5 length limit, efficiency in making cat5 cable

Performance Ratio of Cat5 cable

There are different efficiency is inversely proportional to Length weaknesses in networking cables, the biggest drawback of any cable is its ability to work in big lengths and today we’ll configure the ability of cat 5 length to work in long lengths.

Basically exceeding the Cat 5 cable to normal length will not affect the data transmission rate but excessive lengths can really resist the data transmission rate.

There are many hypothesis related to it, but 100 meters is an ideal length for Cat 5 cable, in which they can work efficiently without losing the data transmission rate.

What will happen if we cross 100 Meters?

I know, most of you have this kind of question in your mind. But don’t worry it’s not that bad what you are thinking, because it is the habit of human brain to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. But in reality, there is a risk of decreasing the data transmission rate whenever the ideal length of cable increases. This is because the data which travels through cables are in shape of packets. So, increasing lengths can cause you to lose some packets.

So what if we don’t have any other choice?


I know most of you have to use cable with length of more than 100 meters so don’t worry. God created humans for life and humans created science to make their life easy.

So, if you really want to use cable exceeding 100 meters, so consider using multiple cables with repeater devices instead of one cable. Because repeaters re-time and regenerate the signals to the suitable amplitude before sending them to next segment of the cable, but repeaters are not a perfect solution of the problem even they can cause minor delays. So, consider short paths for laying cables but if you have no other choice you are left with only one option repeaters.

3 Things to keep in mind while purchasing Networking Cables

networking cables

Networking Cables

There are many types of cables available these days in the market or online stores. The first thing you need to keep in mind is your need, means which type of cable you need. There are many categories of cables with numerous types. So first you should make sure is which cable you need for usage, so you can save your time and money.

Another most important thing which you should keep in mind is the supplier from which you are buying the cable. There are many shops, but we live in a fast pace world so people prefer shopping on their fingertips, mainly from online stores. So, if you are from the majority buyers you should select a trust worthy brand or store to spend your money on.

Another big problem which now days buyers are facing is they go for saving money instead of buying good quality. You know they say “Money can’t buy you happiness” and this is applicable in this case to, because low quality cables are not reliable and they don’t work efficient as compared to good quality cables.
So, these are the most important things which a buyer should keep in mind while purchasing his wealth on Networking Cables.

Biggest Enemies of Wired Cables


There are many enemies of wired internet and there are many allies too. But these enemies are causing huge decrease in wired internet.

Major aspect that is killing wired cables network is New Era of Devices. The wired cables were on its peak in the Era of Desktop computers. In those days computers were usually used under or on the table on which networking cables were easy to use. But now a days we very often see anyone using the antique Desktop Computer. They are used mostly for editing different videos or for Graphic purposes.

On which type of device you are reading this article I bet it is not any desktop machine. I’ll go with a laptop or a tablet or may be a mobile. We often mostly use our social networks on cell phones or I pads. Even working on keyboard of laptop seems difficult for many people, most of them prefer touch Keyboards.

Life is going with extreme fast pace, so our working projects are getting complicated too. You cannot work while sitting in your cabin we have to meet other people, interaction with other employees so time becomes very short. So we have to carry our Laptop and Tablet wherever we go. And that fast part of life has no place for complex desktop computers.

Another important factor which turned out to be a major enemy is ease of wireless internet. Mostly in Hotels, colleges, hospitals and hostels good speed of Wi-Fi is available by the management so the usage of wired internet is decreasing day by day in these places.

So these are some enemies which are decreasing the values of networking cables. But there are no doubts that pure internet comes from cables, but circumstances come between the need and purity.

Best Options of Fiber Optics Available


As we all know that Fiber Optics carry huge amount of importance in Networking Field because they are considered as the most crucial way in our connectivity process. Your internet will be really fast if you are using a good quality Fiber Optic so you don’t have to face head ache while using your internet. You can make superb network connection by using good quality cables, which are only provided by trust worthy suppliers.

First thing you need to do is to figure out the top quality cables available on different stores so you can get an idea about the reliable ones, and this will make your shopping easier. OM2 and OM3 are considered as best fiber optics all around the globe but their data transfer rate cannot surpass OM4. From an overall point of view they are pretty good, but if we see them from data transfer prospective it is their weakness. But, If you are really interested in high speed internet for your firm or on a big stage, you should also keep in mind that there is OM4 Technology available in fiber optic, so you should better use it. It may be slightly expensive but the results will be far better than others.

Actually most of Networking Cable users are not well aware of latest Technologies used in Networking, that why the usage ratio of OM2 and OM3 is much higher than OM4. But to be honest if you talk about quality and reliability there is no surpass of OM4 up till now. Science has made our lives very easy now we can use high speed internet without any disturbance and Head Ache.

Performance is the most demanded thing in Networking Phenomenon, therefore one should use good quality of Fiber Optic in favor to use high speed internet without any disturbance