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4K Connectivity: An inside view

The Ultra High Definition and 4K connectivity solutions including cables, transmitters and receivers are appearing at the rapid pace on various industry trade shows. But before you start using these UHD and 4k solutions you must ensure your system can deliver the best performance and it wouldn’t tease you in the future.

4K Connectivity An inside view

4K Connectivity An inside view


There are lots of deployment models which employee standard, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) networking cables. However most of users forget that 4K signal distribution needs double bandwidth compare to 2K signal distribution, ultimately requires tough enough infrastructure to stand with 4K demands.

The top of the considerations must be performance of networking cable and you must check if the cable can carry 4K content over the HD Base at the targeted distance without yielding any error which are allowed by the HDMI specs. Usually, the widely used, Cat5e cable can do this at just the 50 meters. Furthermore, you must check the feasibility of the cable whether it can be used for other purposes. For example you select the cable which rules out the chances of HDMI error but not suitable for other networking uses.

Aspect Ratios and Frame Rates:

Ordinary HD distribution use the same aspect ratio (1:78:1) and frame rate (60 fps) but 4K connectivity has a second aspect ratio (1:90:1) and several frame rates.