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802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless

802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless

802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless

Wireless internet has stepped into the era of gigabit speed. Data intensive content such as streaming require radio space to deliver data over the same network to the multiple devices. The IEEE, leading electrical and electronics communication organization, is perusing to build protocols that will distribute amazing gigabit speed over the wireless network. The organization recently launched 802.11ac hardware.

Matthew Gast from Aero hive Network explained what challenges are undertaken by the new protocol and the future of Wi-Fi gigabit speed in the video released on the YouTube.

The newly evolved protocol operates in the 5 GHz range, in an effort to stay out of the channel-limited 2.4 GHz radio space. However, users with the 2.4 GHz devices can also use WLAN with dual-band radio. It employees 256-QAM modulation in order to catch up more data packets inside broadcasts.

It’s also noticeable IEEE is using “ac” following the earlier 802.11 standard ending with the letter “n”. Since IEEE has gone through letter “o” to letter “z” during the development cycle. So, they have started again with the letter “a”.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation, multiple-user multi-input multi-output (MU-MIMO), is also another highly regarded innovation coming with 802.11ac. The new protocol standard enables user to receive as much bandwidth as it was available at the time of transmission. The new protocol will be able to segment bandwidth as more clients connect with the network.

After every 10ms a null data packet will be sent to the client which in return tells access point where the user is and where it’s going, the returning data termed as “sheer matrix”.  During the process the access point will tailor the broadcast to that specific client.

The 802.11ac is a very exciting technology in the wireless networking sphere. Soon the tech geeky people will be able to watch 4k HD videos sitting at any place.