Researchers achieved Epic fiber optic range

Researchers achieved Epic fiber optic range

Fiber optic cables are leader in the internet connectivity and esteemed to be the ultimate solution to send data over larger distances. Nevertheless, there are few limitations – as engineers hitch up power to send up more data through fiber optics at larger distance with faster pace, but the distortion setbacks the determined range.

A researcher team at the University of California, San Diego have covered the milestone to surpass a long-standing obstacle in the data transmission rates in the fiber optics architecture.

Nikola Alic, the leading member in the project, lightened up what researchers have accomplished, “Today’s fiber optic systems are a little like quicksand. In the quicksand, the more you try to struggle, the quicker you’ll be sunk. In the case of fiber optic cables, the more you add up power to boost you signal, the more distortion comes along the way, preventing long reach. We’ve achieved the milestone to rid of power limit which, in turn, lets you achieve greater distance without needing a repeater.”

Epic Transmission Distance

The achievement of wideband ‘frequency combs’ in the optical fiber networking is the key innovation by the UC San Diego researchers.

“Removing the distortion factors in advance that will occur in the optical fiber” makes it possible to calculate the crosstalk in the cables.

Using the revolutionizing technique, researchers were able to send data over record breaking 12,000 KM (7,500 miles approx.) via fiber optic cables. No repeaters were used in the process but the standard amplifiers. In the normal process repeaters are grounded after every 100 kilometers to avoid signals distortion by noise.

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