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DIY Ethernet Installation: A Serious Hazard

DIY Ethernet Installation: A Serious Hazard

DIY Ethernet Installation: A Serious Hazard

Ethernet DIY installation is becoming wild these days. Most of the people are undertaking the technical task to upgrade home networking cables on their own to save money, without taking care of the potential hazards to be happened.

With the passage of time, Ethernet engineers are inventing cables for faster communication and data transfer, the same way WI-FI improved over the years. For the upgrade and installation purpose personal and small businesses are taking the deployment into their hands, bypassing cable contractors to cut down the expenses, especially in the regions of Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

Banner Technologies, in the recent press release, highlighted the risk factors and compliance issues with DIY networking cables installation, imposing questions to networking quality. It is easy to get hands on CAT 6 cables in VA, MD and D.C and getting online helps for installation, but all these installations often results into broken speed.

All the compliance, standards and laws are avoided in many cases. In such situation, it is not a surprise to call cabling contactors to fix the situation. As long as, they do fixing the expected output from upgraded cables, faster speed and file transfer over the same network, is ruined.

Self-installation of Ethernet also involve deployment of cables parallel to electric wires, which can lead to magnetic or electric interference and severely effects the data and voice. Ethernet cabling pathway must be clear from obstructions and interference.

Furthermore, homeowners who are planning to install CAT6, also need to understand the laws in the place to maintain safety. For example, PVC-jacket cabling is prohibited to be used in certain areas. So, if you are not seeking any cabling contractor then you must, at least, follow the local ordinances to keep yourself safe and enjoy the faster communication.