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What is CDN?

Content_Delivery_Network.pdfThe Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system which is used to increase the bandwidth and along with that it also helps in the fast transfer of data online. CDN is immensely useful. It copies the data to different points in the network and in this way it increases the bandwidth usage.

Today, a large number of economic transactions are happening online. That’s why the commerce websites must be ready to handle maximum of the traffic at one time. A CDN is the perfect source of speed and reliability. CDNs can also be helpful in distributing the heavy load of traffic but directing it to various locations, also avoiding congestion and also helps you get the most business. On the other side, the internet has become the center of the entertainment world. Gaming, video streaming, watching movies online, social networking, and many other similar activities are now a part of WWW.

Worldwide access:
Most of the CDN services have international servers which help you to reach an international audience easily. Either you want to stream live or perhaps you wish to download videos, you can reach worldwide traffic and make sure that everyone gets the best out of your material.
CDNs can distribute your static or web content across their international servers. Making sure that each and every one of your international audience gets the best seat in the house. So even if you are sitting in USA, your CDN takes Paris visitors to the nearest server through geographical mapping, giving them the best possible online experience.

It is important to note here that CDNs are not that much expensive. The key is to find the ideal provider to suit your needs. You can buy them according to your needs.

How to Troubleshoot your wireless connection?


Wireless connectivity is becoming a common way to be connected. We are relying heavily on this type of connectivity but off course many problems come up during the process. These step-by-step guideline can help you out to troubleshoot office wireless networking problem.

  1. Confirm your LAN and WAN physical connection are working properly:

Recheck all Wireless Access Points and routers to ensure that Ethernet cables are properly inserted and LED light status is green at the both end, if not then try to swap Ethernet cables to mark damaged cable or connector. Also check port configurations at the both end.

  1. Ensure wireless adapter is installed and working

It’s very basic but you must ensure that client’s device is ready to connect, having networking adapter installed and working. When using Windows machine check the status from the network connection control panel.  In iOS and Android devices use settings app to ensure your devices is not in the airplane mode.

  1. Check TCP/IP settings

If you have made it sure your Wireless adapter is installed and running and you are getting “Not Connected” then select your network SSID and Click connect. If you cannot see network SSID then the problem is with the wireless, we have mentioned to resolve it in the Step 6.

Also look for TCP/IP, if the client IP not your router or Access Point IP then use Properties/Internet (TCP/IP) to reconfigure your connection and get address.

  1. Use Ping

Following making sure the Client IP is correct, use ping to verify connectivity. Use Internet Control Message Protocol to ping with router or AP.

If Pinging is failed skip for step 5, otherwise if it is successful then check for the destination firewall. Firewall maybe blocking your connection with the network. Reconfigure your network firewall according to the need of traffic, e.g. for connecting printers etc.

  1. Wireless Specific Problem

After giving correct IP and getting unsuccessful ping, it’s time to think about wireless-specific problem. The wireless AP and client device must follow the 802.11 standards and same SSID. Compare your AP GUI and compare WLAN settings to client’s wireless parameters


WPA and WPA2 Enterprise deliver encryption keys using an 802.1X capable RADIUS Server. If you have the RADIUS server reconfigure AP and server with matching RADIUS secret key.

Fiber optic cable updates to improve Europe-Africa links:

fiber optic cable from africa to europe

Recently fiber optic cable in Africa and Europe will have a positive effect on Internet access and the quality of service offered to them.

A company earlier this week has announced the complete upgrades on the West of Africa Cable System (WACS), the largest of the submarine cables directly linked from Africa to Europe, using a 100G solution that will surely increase network connections and efficiency.

It will have the Digital Line Segment (DLS) between Africa and Portugal, WACS is one of the longest 100G submarine links in the current industry, and it is going to serve 14 countries and 11 of them are in Africa. The upgrade has a special design to guarantee the performance of 100 GB/s channels with 10 GB/s channels on the current networks in order to use the available optical spectrum.

The WACS upgrade comes a month after a private company announced that in conjunction with the Africa Coast to Europe consortium, the ACE cable link from Contour, Benin, to Tenerife, Spain, will be completed. The connection stations in Benin and Tenerife is part of the second phase of deployment of the ACE submarine cable, which now serves about 15 countries as well as Portugal and France as well.

What is VOIP?


First of all what is VOIP? VOIP means voice over internet protocol. So far, phone calls have been using a network made of copper wires and switches that creates a circuit between the person being called and the caller. This technology was decent, but inefficient. Millions of copper wires have been running from home to home, neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town, country to country, and in the same way one continent to another. There had to be a pair of copper wires for every call taking place.

Now a days the solution to this problem uses data networks that allow the information to be broken up into packets and shipped over a shared network link. This is much reliable for many reasons, but we will discuss two important things here. The first one is utility. If your neighbor’s teenager calls his girlfriend and they are holding the phone in silence. Now very little of the phone`s capacity is used. In the past times the Circuit Switched Scenario using the two copper wires were used for a phone call, either someone is talking or not. The second one is infrastructure. In spite of building two parallel networks, one for data and the other one for the voice, we must unify both networks and create a new single network that costs relatively low and also is less to build out as compared to the dual networks we have been making before.

Choose the smarter way to network your office


Networking your work space is highly important in productivity of your employees and overall office, whether it is human resource or electronic devices both needs well-structured deployment of network.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless connectivity are flexible to use. Nevertheless, there are many domains where you need to implement wired connections, like printers, desktop machines, security cameras and attendance machines.

Both networks has advantages, but Ethernet connections, as per experience, are simpler, consistent and perform extensively. Ethernet networking has undergone dramatic shift during past few years. They are now available to send upto 1GB of data over the network and their transfer speed is amazingly fast.

Despite the huge advantages of wired connection, wireless has also achieved the high rating. They are useable anywhere around your workspace, in courtyard, on the roof top etc. So, both can be applied, depending upon specific need.

 Access Point

The home devices, modem, are used for both purposes, routing and wireless functions, while in a business setup they are isolated.

Wireless connectivity is made by wireless access points, known as “beacons” that connects devices wirelessly with the rest of network. Managing a single wireless access point is easy with web browser, but when it involves many points, the act becomes a little tricky. A controller perform this function to keep the wireless setup smooth and offers flexibility when expanding the network.

If wireless access point has to be set up outside the building then you can purchase weatherproof wireless points and remember to get Ethernet cables to connect these access points with the whole network.


Firewalls are highly important elements of your networking design. They are essential to keep things safe and ensure manage connections appropriately as multiple incoming connections are managed by a single network.

Why Network Topology is the Most Important Factor for any Enterprise?


                                                        Topological Networks

A Well Balanced Network Cabling System is without any doubt the most important factor for any Business Organization. Everything now a days are done through internet, Sharing of big files and valuable data is done through Networking instead of Carrying Tons of paper and moving it with Enormous Effort. Usually in big companies where there are several departments, Numerous Systems are in process. A Smooth, Smart and Accurate network system is needed for the sake of Successful sharing. So that’s when you need a Good Network Topology.

Network Topology basically deals with the physical layout of Networking Cables and the formation of PC’s, so the cable can run comfortably between the Computers without creating a pathetic mess. So it’s kind of compulsory or you might need some Cosmic Luck to run your Business.

Installations of Cables are done on the basis of Four Topologies.

Bus Topology-: Bus topology is the most used formation in the World. It costs less, very easy to install you can extend it easily but the drawback with this system is that the whole network system is lurched if there’s a problem in a single unit.

Star Topology-: It is quite expensive because more cable is needed, it can be modified easily but the main advantage of this topology is that your whole system cannot by halted by any type of Error, you can troubleshoot any type of Problem by the Centre Unit of your Topology.

Ring & Mesh Topologies-: They are not very expensive, works Brilliant with High Speed internet but like BUS, In Ring Topology whole system faces problem when it comes to any Node Failure.

Topology is the Backbone of any Successful Organization, So it’s kind of compulsory or you might need some Cosmic Luck to run your Business.

Why We Should Use Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing

Now-a-days every kind of business requires a network, after the perks of providing computers and the software to the employees, we must not forget that there must be a Network Monitoring. There are several reasons for that like it maintains over all integrity of a network and also it’s a necessary to have an eye on the entire system so that it works properly. This requires the checking of both Hardware and the Software. If the Monitoring is done in a proper manner then many errors can be minimized before they occur and many can be cured in quick mean time.

Moreover the safety, it also allows you to analyze the performance of your employees and their work and also it minimizes the chances of errors and a good system network can be established.

In simple words it saves your money and time and helps you to enhance your performance. It helps you to decrease your inaccuracies in working and to save your money from the cost of reappearance. You can establish a good link working unit by using one network with all employees and further you can always have look at them that what are they up to on their PC`s. So if you want to decrease your loss/expenses and increase the profit rapidly then you must go for a network monitoring system.