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Innovate you Christmas


Innovation is the best present you can give anyone. And this time it is for all of you and it’s not by Santa!!

It’s your own 1000ft Cables bringing Modern Technology in your homes and offices.

1000ft always known to give festive discounts on products but this year we are a step ahead. 1000FT Cables present to you Cat 6A Plenum Solid Copper UTP Ethernet Cable ahead of Christmas and New Year Eve.

The quality is better than past and it’s also on amazing price. Beyond its speed/distance factor the cable has a tighter twist in the cables, which allows for two-way communications on each pair of wires. The 23-gauge Cat6A Plenum cable in thicker than normal Cat 6 and Cat5/A cables because of extra thick plastic inside the cables and partly due to the tighter winding of the pairs which creates more copper per inch.

If you need good quality and you hate Cross Talk Cat 6A is just ideal for you. So what are you waiting for book you Order now.

Innovations brings Li-Fi into Networking

lifi technology alternative to vifi li-fi logo world

The world is making progress so rapid that one just can’t imagine, so far we have been using 3G or 4G internet but it’s time for something new, something that the world has not witnessed yet, something that is more than a news. Get ready for the Li-Fi internet which will be 100K times more faster than the current technologies.

This will be 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi system. This system is having a great range of connectivity and also it will have a capacity to increase its capacity of obtaining speed at its own. This thing is something more than technology. Different companies are doing a few pilot projects within different industries where we can utilize the VLC (visible light communication) technology which is also named as Li-Fi technology.

Currently in the market there has been designed a smart lighting solution for an industrial environment where the data communication is done through with the help of light and light is utilized for all this purpose. It is without any doubt one of the best innovations in the field of Technology, and it just a matter of days when Li-Fi will take the place of Wiring and Wi-Fi.

Networking Cables: Needs are Increased than Ever Before

Networking Cables Needs are Increased than Ever Before

Structured cabling system can be said as a complete set of Networking cables and associated hardware that gives us a huge telecommunications infrastructure. The telecommunications infrastructure provides us a great range of functions including data transferring by a computer network and telephone services as well. Structured cabling installations most probably involves vertical and horizontal backbone pathways and also the work area outlets including the entrance facilities, vertical and horizontal backbone cables, equipment rooms, cross-connect facilities, and others such things which make it more reliable and unique. The growth of the global structured cabling market will be driven by the increasing use of different handheld devices like smartphones or tablets or things like laptops in the coming future.

The international structured cabling market is having a huge opportunity to grow in the upcoming couple of years along with the increasing usage of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which need instant access at the spot like things as file sharing and networking within a few seconds. This will definitely increase the demand for data storage and the speed which in turn will rapidly increase the need for data center capacity. The market is expected to grow significantly with the development of technologies such as LED IP lighting and passive optical Local Area Network.

A Well Structured Cable is All We Need

A Well Structured Cable is All We Need

A Well Structured Cable is All We Need, A structural cabling system is the one which is already attached to the hardware and also is fit according to the need of the person using it, thus it provides a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure. It is extremely helpful in the data transferring from one system to another. It is something more than an innovation.

It uses vertical and horizontal pathways to transfer the data so that it takes less time and transfers more and more data. Its market will be driven by the growing usage of different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops in the coming years. The more usage of the eternal networks is also responsible for its extensive use. For the wiring of devices like baseboard management controller and access control and IP Cameras Cables are extensively used. This will increase its demand in the global market.

While on the other side the growing adoption of cloud services is expected to hinder the market growth in future. As per the people tend to move their choice towards the smartphones then it would surely lift the need of this technology. This device also have a copper cabling and fiber cabling system. The need for the copper cabling is expected to decrease in future as structured cabling in data centers continues to shift towards the usage of fibers. Saying that it is a step towards the innovation would not be wrong.

Install a Good Wiring Backbone

Install a Good Wiring Backbone

Install a Good Wiring Backbone, A connected smart home generally begins with an incoming cable and a fiber or sometimes with standard phone line coming from outside. This wire is connected to the modem and after it is connected to a router that is having a Wi-Fi in it. The place from where the wire enters the home is important because if it comes in far from the central part of your house like from the basement or from the deep corner of the house then the Wi Fi signals will probably be weak. To overcome this issue, just leave the modem provided to you by your Internet Service Provider where it is and place the router at the central spot and connect the two with high-quality Ethernet cable.

And for the devices that are streaming HD videos nothing beats the communications availability you’ll get from a wired connection between the devices and the router. This will include a fishing either Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling to wall jacks in tech-heavy areas like your media room or your home office or the bedrooms and a utility room where you have an automation equipment. So, if one wants to avail the maximum amount of speed your network can give out, you need every single component in your network to be gigabit compliant.

Facebook achieved big mile-stone to connect the world

The social network giant is in the business to connect the globe from the long since and it has achieved a great milestone. Facebook accomplished the full-scale model of aircraft, named Aquila, to provide internet access.

Aquila is made to fly in the air for months, powered on solar energy. Less than the weight of a car, its wings size is equal to Boeing 737.

Facebook revealed its intention to connect the whole world back in the last year. It was planned to reach out four billion people on the Earth, who are yet to be exposed to the internet. Many of them live around 3G networks, but 10 percent of them even don’t have any resource to acquire internet. According to Facebook, the most efficient method to connect these people is to employee something out of the way.­­

The tested version of Aquila was announced back in March. However, at that time there were little details about the project. It has now many technical information for the public. The internet-broadcasting drone will fly between 18,200 and 27,400 m from the Earth surface. It has wingspan of 42m with the frame of carbon fiber.

The system is planned to deliver 10 GB of data per second, which is 10 times to the current available networking technology.

Facebook says there are still lots of hurdles to cover before the drone blanket remote areas with internet connectivity. It also told, the technology will be handed over to third parties and partner groups to be operated.

Cuba Developing in the Field of Networking

cuba final

Meanwhile in December 2014, Mr. Barack Obama made history by establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, including the loosening economic embargoes. After two months, some companies like Netflix and Airbnb arranged plans to expand networking into Cuba.

“First reaction of the people was: ‘Really?'” said Northwestern Engineering’s Fabián E. Bustamante. “As a business model, Netflix and Airbnb rely on most people having Internet access. That’s not quite the case in Cuba, so it really didn’t seem to make much sense.”

If the business ideas are feasible, Bustamante, professor of electrical engineering and computer science in Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, and his graduate student Zachary Bischof decided to measure the Internet performance of Cuba. They got the result that Cuba’s Internet connection to the rest of the world was perhaps even worse than they expected.

Bischof presented their results on October 30 in the Association for Computing Machinery’s 2015 Internet Measurement Conference in Japan.

Cuba’s history with computing and Internet is a very complicated one. The citizens of Cuba were not even allowed to own a personal computer until 2008. In 2011, Cuba completed its first under-sea fiber-optic cable, but the cable was not even activated until two years later. At present, about 25 percent of the population is able to get online and just five percent of the population has their own home Internet.

“If you’re trying to connect anywhere, you either have to connect through these marine cables or up to the satellite,” Bustamante said. “If you go up to the satellite, it would take significantly longer.”

“For one, it’s much farther to travel,” Bischof added. “And the trip is on a very interference-rich environment, which include cosmic rays.”

Since March 2015, Bustamante and Bischof have been taking measurements from a server in Havana to observe Internet traffic going in and out of Cuba. They measure the amount of time it took for information to travel in both directions, taking note of the paths of travel. In early results, the team found that information returning to Cuba took a much longer route.

Internet not as Complex like You Think


network comple

We are living in the era where we can stream HD videos with no buffering at all and download movies in seconds. But do you still feel your internet is irritating you so much despite having good internet package, then it’s time to resolve issue at your end.  Go through the following points and you would learn how you can get the best out of you internet connection.

Browsing Data and History:

Thanks to advancements in web technologies which store tons of data on your local system you browse online. You can see massive amount of cached pages, cookies, history, autofill and passwords in your browser. All this data makes online surfing slow. Additionally, it helps to place the correct ads on the pages you visit by advertisers, which is a serious privacy concern. So, make it your habit to remove the history and cache frequently which is very easy to do, but makes things hard when piled up.

Browser Plugins:

Most of us don’t have any idea about browser plugins and how they works. They are automatically enabled as soon as you install the browser. Some of them such as PDF readers, Java, Flash may be running in the annoying way and reducing the browsing speed. All you need to do is turn them on “Click to Play” in your browser to check on the plugin. Now it will always ask for your permission before running.

Ethernet Cables:

Ethernet cables and connectors might be potential problem to degrade internet speed. If your cables is too old or isn’t properly installed or it is damaged from somewhere it can greatly effect to your connection speed. So, make sure you are using good quality Ethernet cables and avoid them for being folded or twisted.

The Anti-Virus:

Last but not least, your anti-virus program. Anti-Virus can affect not only internet speed but your wholes system if they are not from trusted source. So, make sure to use trusted ant-virus software or get your computer checked by some professional to avoid the chance anti-virus is acting in the negative way.

Where are high-voltage cables used in a wind turbine?

Where are high-voltage cables used in a wind turbine

These high-voltage cables connect the generators to the power channels. Normally the range of the voltage is somewhere about between 650V – 800V.  But at one time there is over 2400V current flowing per second and that’s why more number of cables are used at one time so that there should be appropriate amount of current flowing per second. The more the cables are used the more will be the voltage.

Space constraints and latent heat within the nacelle require that the cable combine a high-wire count of flexible conductors with a large cross-section and a thermosetting insulation.

The overall weightage of the voltage is 35kV per second but it keeps on going up and down. For this thing there are some transformers used which balances the amount of current flow and keeps it around 35kV through the high voltage cables.

US Networking in Danger



Undersea cables n are more than a concern now a days because it provides more than 75% of the internet in America. Saying that it is a vital role in the internet consumption of America will not be wrong. The concern is that according to the recent reports of different magazines, Russian military is planning to destroy these undersea lines in order to give a serious damage to the American networking system. And if it happens then it would be a real setback for both, the people using the internet and also the military forces of the country and the marine forces. The biggest problem is that the location of these lines is not hidden and anybody can have easy access to them, reaching to them is not a big issue especially not a big issue for a force like Russia.

It is such an easy task that even a fisherman can go deep in the seas and cut the cables with some good equipment. The only way to get this one off is to have a tight security around the cables by the American submarines which is the only available option because these cables were established in 1980s and are being used till now. So it will require more money for the marine forces but it is the only option available.