Internet not as Complex like You Think


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We are living in the era where we can stream HD videos with no buffering at all and download movies in seconds. But do you still feel your internet is irritating you so much despite having good internet package, then it’s time to resolve issue at your end.  Go through the following points and you would learn how you can get the best out of you internet connection.

Browsing Data and History:

Thanks to advancements in web technologies which store tons of data on your local system you browse online. You can see massive amount of cached pages, cookies, history, autofill and passwords in your browser. All this data makes online surfing slow. Additionally, it helps to place the correct ads on the pages you visit by advertisers, which is a serious privacy concern. So, make it your habit to remove the history and cache frequently which is very easy to do, but makes things hard when piled up.

Browser Plugins:

Most of us don’t have any idea about browser plugins and how they works. They are automatically enabled as soon as you install the browser. Some of them such as PDF readers, Java, Flash may be running in the annoying way and reducing the browsing speed. All you need to do is turn them on “Click to Play” in your browser to check on the plugin. Now it will always ask for your permission before running.

Ethernet Cables:

Ethernet cables and connectors might be potential problem to degrade internet speed. If your cables is too old or isn’t properly installed or it is damaged from somewhere it can greatly effect to your connection speed. So, make sure you are using good quality Ethernet cables and avoid them for being folded or twisted.

The Anti-Virus:

Last but not least, your anti-virus program. Anti-Virus can affect not only internet speed but your wholes system if they are not from trusted source. So, make sure to use trusted ant-virus software or get your computer checked by some professional to avoid the chance anti-virus is acting in the negative way.

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