Monthly Archives: April 2016

Facebook Next Plans On The Way


Currently, Facebook is the most used social networking website right now. Over 1 billion people use FB every day in the entire world and this number is increasing every passing day. According to an estimate by the CEO of this biggest social network “Mark Zuckerberg” by the end of 2025, the users of Facebook will pass by 2 million people per day.
Facebook is also planning to have online business bots on Facebook in the upcoming years. FB will also deal with the online payments and online shopping. This will create a new economic door.
Another facility is finding your celebrities live, you will also find more live videos on Facebook.
Facebook is also planning to re-wire the internet and this would be the biggest achievement of the century, also planning to introduce their own internet provider. A tester would be introduced in America first of all, later on, it will be implemented in the whole America and then if it goes successful, it would be on a larger scale in the entire world. Facebook is currently doing wonders in the entire world and sooner it would just be like something more than a super power.