4th Generation in evolution




The Internet is something we always like to be fast, very fast. They say if you want to see the reality of someone’s personality make them sit in front of a device with slow internet. And it’s correct we all hate the slow internet. Newer technologies and techniques are being introduced just for this purpose, making the internet fast. Sometimes these techniques are even replaced by hacks. The current fastest internet known to humankind as we speak is, 4G LTE, not 4G. It’s 4G LTE. 4G must be easy to use just for the marketing purpose but the names later part known as LTE has a different story.

LTE stands for long-term evolution. We already know what 3G is and if we start counting 4 comes after 3, so 4 can be termed as a better version, correct? Yes. 4G is better as compared to 3G in terms of delivering speed. And it is by all means world’s first mobile phone standard. This technology is there since 2009 and many other countries are actually falling in line to make it more and more in useful and in access of the users. Not all the companies are providing the 4G and neither all the devices have the ability to handle this technology so before buying anything or setting anything up there is a need to learn more about compatibility from both ends. 4G is 5 times faster than the 3G as we know it. Which means you can download faster, surf faster and no doubt stream faster as well. And all of it is not limited just to the downloads, now the uploads are faster on the move and are possible with the 4G LTE.

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