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Pros and Cons of cable broadband



Internet is everywhere, and it has different types. There are also different types by which we can get connected to it. Mainly it’s divided into two ways, one is wirelessly and the other is with a wire. Now these wires also have different types and kinds and have the ability to provide us internet with different speed and accuracy. One of the kinds in them is the cable broadband which has actually revolutionized the world of both the internet and its users.

Cable broadband is being used by millions of people. And there are many reasons for it. But there’s a reason for saying that everything has its pros and cons. So what possibly are going to be pros and cons of cable broadband? Let’s have a look at its disadvantages first. The entire system is not perfect, nothing is to be honest but the major issue that is faced by its users is the limitation of the bandwidth it’s more like a capacity of a car. You put more people in it, it becomes slow. Same goes for cable broadband, and it being slow on the peak hours. And to overcome this problem you’re supposed to increase the speed, if you do this it attracts more and more money roll it also involves bigger and bigger installation fees. Also if the same provider has more users it is alternatively going to make the connection slow. Right when we get sad listening to the disadvantages we get hit by the advantages it has, the pros. The pros involve it giving us the speed upto 12mbps. Same cable can be put in the TV, in the computer for internet and also in the landline for the calls. And the bundles of usage alongside it can save money of the users. All in all, cable broadband has made its mark and like it or not it is going to stay for a while.

Privacy & Security on the Internet



The Internet is a vast world within itself. And every single user that inhabits it is pretty much free to do anything on it. The things that can be done on it are limitless. And their uses can sometimes be beyond what we expect. If we consider the Internet to be a very big network which it is in real. We can tell that it’s easy to get up from one place in the network and reach the other. This part of the internet makes every user of it vulnerable and penetrable.

With the rise of the new era and the social networking the concerns related to the privacy and security have increased on the internet and everything that we upload no matter how secure they are, somehow remain in the reach of the people who know or learn how to breach these secure walls. Just to get attention from other people on the internet many users put the details that are personal and can be used against them if someone else gets hands on them. Personal information that is put by a user can be used from anywhere and from anyone. These details can be misinterpreted or even misused for sometimes identity theft. Some social websites even sell such information of their users on high bids. The hackers are there to get those details that we put on the system so no matter if it’s is your credit card number in your phone to buy new apps from the internet or it is your health data in your iPhone everything can be hacked and can be put against you. With the growing internet and its vulnerabilities, there’s also a need of awareness that is so far, nowhere to be seen.

Internet, the phenomenon that changed the world

internet changed the world

There have been countless inventions from day one in this world that influenced the world and the way it works so much. And every time behind these revolutions has been science. They say that the wheel was the biggest invention that science ever played its role in. But there was another invention that actually shook the world and changed its face once and for all and that invention is known as the Internet.

Formerly known as the ARPANET, the internet started working back in 83. If we take that year and January 1st to be the birthday of the internet, in such a short time it truly and without a shadow of a doubt has taken over the world. The advantages that are tagged to it are limitless, so are the possibilities. It has first of all made our planet which is of a considerable size, very small. And it has helped us cover the distances that were at first impossible. How many of us can actually imagine getting up early in the morning and not being able to check our social network profiles or get connected to someone sitting thousands of miles away? Can we move on to that day and wait in an old fashion for a mail to arrive so that we can start working on our assignments from school and college? And later when we’re done we walk out the door and put that in our mailbox? We can’t imagine life without the internet. And the best part about it getting viral is that even the people, belonging to the backend areas of Africa know about it. In the world, we live in now. The Internet is the most important part and nothing can overcome its true power.

Industrial Ethernet Cables, and Their Growth



As we move forward in the world we can see that many of the industries that are running in most of them computers are there and not just one computer but multiple computers, that need to be set in form of a network and connected by Ethernet cables, these cable are of industrial use so their standard also increases according to their needs. The PoE cables, also known as the Power over Ethernet cables are ready to take over the industry. These cables are going to deliver more power and compatibility. Also, they will be able to be more flexible and cheap while installing. Their maintenance is not going to take much of an effort as well. And they are going to run with the existing devices as well.

And there is going to be a considerable increase in their market. These industrial Ethernet cables are growing at the groundbreaking 17%. And by the year 2020, it will reach a total of $941 million. The copper cables and the fiber optic cables are competing alongside the industrial Ethernet cables in this market. Fiber optics is preferred to be used in the oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries because it doesn’t interfere with the electromagnetic or radio waves. Industrial Ethernet cables are able to handle extreme temperatures and can handle other external malfunctioning factors like chemical spills. These cables are soon going to take over all of the places where the Ethernet cable is being used and we are not far away from that time.

Guglielmo Marconi, father of ‘connect the world’ theory


Its natural, everything that we see today in our world was not there at some point. Things keep on evolving and newer versions replace the new ones. We live at a planet that is very big, not as compared to the others in the universe but for humans it’s big enough and the connectivity has always been an issue and everyone from the start has tried to make this globe as accessible as possible. Take Facebook’s C.E.O for example, young Mark Zuckerburg has introduced an initiative according to which he plans to “Connect the world” his plan is to work with the governments of other countries.

The companies trying to reshape the world and the governments are not tangled just for now it’s there for over a century now. If we look back we see another Mark, trying to make a point. Who is actually the first person that had the idea to connect the world from the distances? That man, is none other than the Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi, its fascinating whenever we listen to this name first thing that comes to our mind are the radio signals. Back in 1896, Marconi was just 21 year old when he left his homeland and travelled to England, his journey didn’t end there after inventing the wireless telegraphy technique which used morse code and also making powerful friends like King of Belgium, the head of the British Post Office, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, Marconi made his trip to the U.S providing these wireless techniques to the U.S Navy, enhancing his network even more and more. And today after so much modernisation we see these wireless signals, everywhere. Whether it’s Facebook or Google, and the like it or not, all are direct descendents of Marconi.

FTTH aka Fiber to the Home



Today’s Era is fast.  Everything we talk about is fast. Life is fast, time is fast, and then time is money. They say if you want to check someone’s personality and its reality make them sit in front of an internet that is very slow. We all love the fast internet and huge bandwidth coupled with it. Although it is sometimes expensive and is considered to be luxurious still the users who want to do things fast or keep them in line use the services that provide them fast internet. Fast internet in today’s world is only being provided by the cables known as the fiber optic cables. These cables are fast, and like we have mentioned above. Everyone likes it fast.

FTTH, otherwise known by its full form as Fiber to the home is a service that is getting more and more usual today. It has become a prime objective for many service providers around the globe, and not just for the service providers also to the governments. Although they are not reaching every home but still everyone is aware of the advantages they are going to bring with them. Copper wires also have the ability to carry huge bandwidth but the distance is a constraint that holds them back, this is not applicable in the case of fiber optics so that’s why they are quickly replacing them in our daily lives. In its developmental years a lot of people questioned its need and asked questions about it being expensive and if there probably is a need for such cables at home. But the world has changed now and every person is using the internet more than he was merely 5-6 years ago. To meet such need there is a need to install these cables in normal lives so that they are also kept running with pace on the track.

Fiber Optics, and its modes

fiber optics

Cables are everywhere and they have been a constant source of connectivity of two ends right from the day when they were invented. A cable’s purpose is connectivity and transfer when it comes to the electronic one’s and soon we move to more modification of our need when we want to know how quick, that cable is in moving this information within itself. Right now the fastest cables known to humankind are the fiber optics. We all know nothing gets faster than light. If we just use this concept we can tell that the fiber optics use the light as a source of delivery. Light travels fast, and fast is good. These cables nowadays are everywhere, and we can see them in our daily life as well. However, it is divided into two types according to its mode on which it works.

If we are only concern on the general framework on which these cables are made, then it’s easy to explain. Fiber Optics has the most important core where the light flows. And then there are other layers that cover it and provide flexibility also keep it safe from the environmental factors on the outside. Generally, we can divide them into single mode and multi-mode cables. The single mode cable has a thin core and only one wavelength of light can pass through it. There’s a reason for keeping it to just one, this increases the speed of delivery and also the loss of energy is minimum. That is why phone companies and TV cable providers use this kind of a cable. Meanwhile, the multi-mode optical fibers have a larger core hence allowing multiple wavelengths of light, more than one, to pass through within them. But the ratio of distortion to it increases thus they are used for just short distances in which they can’t get tangled and the signal is not disturbed.