Internet, the phenomenon that changed the world

internet changed the world

There have been countless inventions from day one in this world that influenced the world and the way it works so much. And every time behind these revolutions has been science. They say that the wheel was the biggest invention that science ever played its role in. But there was another invention that actually shook the world and changed its face once and for all and that invention is known as the Internet.

Formerly known as the ARPANET, the internet started working back in 83. If we take that year and January 1st to be the birthday of the internet, in such a short time it truly and without a shadow of a doubt has taken over the world. The advantages that are tagged to it are limitless, so are the possibilities. It has first of all made our planet which is of a considerable size, very small. And it has helped us cover the distances that were at first impossible. How many of us can actually imagine getting up early in the morning and not being able to check our social network profiles or get connected to someone sitting thousands of miles away? Can we move on to that day and wait in an old fashion for a mail to arrive so that we can start working on our assignments from school and college? And later when we’re done we walk out the door and put that in our mailbox? We can’t imagine life without the internet. And the best part about it getting viral is that even the people, belonging to the backend areas of Africa know about it. In the world, we live in now. The Internet is the most important part and nothing can overcome its true power.

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