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How To Eradicate The Hazards Of Radioactive WiFi Routers

Radioactive wifi router

One of the greatest achievements of the 21st century is no doubt the internet. And now our life is dependent upon the widespread use of the internet. We can’t even think to survive even an hour without internet. Now the internet is a necessary part of our lifestyle. Everyone needs the internet in our daily life. Our homes, workplaces, offices, shops, markets are installed with WiFi routers in order to connect our portable devices with the internet. These Wifi routers emit radioactive waves which are in long run harmful to human health. They have several mild symptoms which may lead to potentially fatal diseases. These radiations impart serious effects on our several nervous system and brain. Radiation from the WiFi router possesses some irritant effect on the central nervous system of the human. In the long run, it results in fatigue, irritability, headaches, and insomnia, which arise as a result of oversized electromagnetic background. The radiation frequency is around 2.4 GHz, which is roughly the frequency of the microwave oven, but still a few thousand times less destructive.

However, we should take some important precautions in order to minimize the harmful effects.
Maintain as much distance as possible from the Wifi router. And try to avoid unnecessary use of the Wifi by turning the device off when not in use.

Avoid the use of mobile Wifi when about to sleep and keep the cell phone away from the pillow while sleeping. Adjust the device away from the sitting area of your family.

Thirdly, you can adjust the transmission power of the routers. it is not necessary to put on the most powerful level to get the best signal. An average signal level would be enough for your routine use.

You can use a box to insulate the effect of the radiation. Anti-radiation antenna boxes are available which can reduce the radiation by more than 90% and has no negative signal problem.

Google’s Chromecast Ultra



Everyone likes fast, especially when it comes to using the internet and everything that is related to it. We all love it when the pages that we are trying to open while surfing takes mere seconds to load and also when we get to open different links on our apps. Things are very interesting and get exciting when the streaming is also done at a very quick speed. We all love it when the videos don’t take much of a time to load up and we don’t have to look at the circles spinning up in front of us. Google has taken yet another step to make it possible by introducing the new Google Chromecast Ultra, that is a major update over its predecessor.

The all new Ultra will have a 4K support and an Ethernet port to spice things up. Costing around $69 Chromecast Ultra definitely aims to show us the new way to streaming and media consumption experiences. Mainly it will also support HDR content. If we have a look, in the beginning, the new model looks like its previous one but on the second look, it appears to not have the chrome logo but having it replaced by Google’s ‘G’ logo. Also, the onboard Ethernet support has made things more interesting as previous models needed extra connectors to have such luxury of connecting it to the router. The Chromecast Ultra also supports Dolby Vision content that means it’s an all in the high-resolution supporting tool. However, the up gradation of the TV sets is also required as its features are only going to unlock if we have a TV that supports 4K video.

Google, Facebook And Their Race In Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic cables

Fast is a new era, everyone likes everything fast especially the speed of the connectivity and the internet. We already know that the fiber optic is right now the quickest mode of internet facility so far and is has continued to impress everyone with the mode of its travel. For a normal user like us the internet is just plugging in the Ethernet cable in the device and start using it or turning on the Wi-Fi on the smartphone devices with a single tap and start surfing but delivering this internet is a whole different story for the providers. Imagining tons of miles of cables under the ocean is a concept that is not imaginable but in reality, they do exist. Facebook and Google have now emerged to give this concept another impossible meaning.

Both of the companies have decided to collaborate and install a new system of cables on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. This is going to be the very first “Submarine” cable system that will have two ends connected as Los Angeles and Hong Kong. This is going to give us the highest network capacity to date. Both companies have come up with a name Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN). It will have 8,000 miles of the fiber optic cable all installed underneath and will have the capacity of 120 terabits per second. To put it in the language that a user can understand this is going to provide one gigabit per second download speeds for $70 per month as compared to the other present 50 megabits per second for $65 per month deals. Everyone now is looking forward to getting their hands on this new giant.

Fiber vs Copper, The Ultimate Battle

Fiber Vs Copper


A lot of things are changing as the world is progressing towards the other ages with time, and these changes are sometimes really hard to accept. Everything gets obsolete with time and it is natural specially technology and when technology gets old newer takes its place. The recent most advanced technology that is now getting very useful and taking its place everywhere in houses and offices are the fiber optic cables. This era is a war waged between the Fiber optics and the Copper wires, reason is simple. Copper wires are everywhere and are huge in amount but Fiber optic is just like the new advanced terminator who is looking to eliminate the old school bad boy.

Fiber optics vs. copper wires is a war where we can see fiber optic dominating and here is why. First and foremost what makes fiber special is its incredible speed this was the first field where it was able to beat the normal copper wire because this uses light as a medium and nothing beats the light we all know that. They practically have the ability to provide the speed upto 10 Gbps. They also have higher data transfer rates than the copper wires. This is not it for the fiber optics these cables also provide higher security because of their infrastructure, because the leaked light can’t be deciphered. These cables can give us the luxury to be placed at longer distances as compared to the copper cables as they need boosters and other signal enhancers for the proper delivery. This is safe to say at this point that the future belongs to the fiber optic cables and copper one’s need to go out of the picture.


Fiber Optics, The Future Of Connectivity

fiber optic

The future is now, everything that we have right now as not here and didn’t appear in front of us out of nowhere. Many things that science is inventing are to take the human life and what is in it one step ahead. One of the very recent changes that were done to the world of internet and connectivity are the fiber optic cables. These cables are not here just to do their jobs but are now aiming to change the face of the world. Here’s why and how.

The first thing that these cables provide are speed, everyone likes speed. The fiber optic cables were designed to give seamless connectivity and fast transmission. The best part is in no time it has taken its place getting out of the commercial buildings to every home. But the question that arises is that do we really need 1 Gbps speed for now? The answer lies within the usage as for right now there isn’t much usage going on in a normal house. A fiber optic as for now is not meeting the requirements of the users but is also providing the additional bandwidth. But why are they made at the first place? The answer is simple, to face the additional load. Where this additional load is going to come from is another simple answer, from us. Just a few years ago there was nothing in the world known as YouTube, all of the videos used to exist on the CDs or the dvds. But in the near future, this fiber optic is going to help us go virtual shopping have the virtual presence of people we want to talk to and also provide us communicate with the machinery we have. Fiber optic, for now, is very useful but in the future, its users are going to do nothing, but increase.

Fiber Optic Cables, and Myths Related to Them

Fiber Optics

The world is not used to accepting changes when it comes to something that is there for quite a long time and everyone is just using them. We have all grown up watching things connected together and when the sort of the cables that changed over the time it was unacceptable to have them in the beginning but sooner or later everyone fits in. Same goes with the fiber optic cables, where all of the cellular and internet providing companies are trying to replace their users with the fiber optic cables there have been many other myths being developed about them over the time.

First and foremost that we come across is that fiber optic cables are expensive but now this is no longer a case. Since the manufacturing costs have gone down than the copper wires, fiber optic cables are easily available as compared to their early supply on cheaper rates. Second can be their handling when in early days it was really hard to eliminate the fiber optic cables now they can be terminated with just a little training. Third that really absorbed the attention of the users was that the fiber optic cables can’t be hacked which is not true because they are just another cables used to connect the computers to the internet or other sources hackers need to tap the network not the cable so it is possible for them to break in the user should take care of the date themselves. Last but not least many of the people thought that their infrastructure is totally different than the normal copper cables but this is not the case anymore. Their boxes and patch cables even the main layout is the same. One should not get more indulged with the myths swirling around.

Clear WiFi signals, all over the house

Strong WIFI signals

Wires are being eliminated everywhere, no one likes getting suspended to just one place all of us like to be mobile and motile. Internet is being used by every device and every computer around the world. Even these computers and devices now are going wireless and the wires are being replaced by the Wi-Fi. But just like they say every tech has a pros and cons and the biggest con we face in case of Wi-Fi is the weak signal strength. We all face is because of many reasons and today here is another try to find out what makes the signals of a Wi-Fi router clear within our homes.

Since the signals move around in circles there is a need to place the router within the center of where we want the signals to spread around. Also if still the signals are not coming in clear there should be a broadband test ran on different timings and a peak time should be found out where the internet speed is on top. Another piece of advice is to change the channel of the router there are many apps on the internet for free that can change and tell you the most suitable channel at which your router can work. The firmware update is also there for some routers as most of the people are no aware of this that can also enhance the performance and make the signals get clearer. The companies also keep on improving their routers so there is a need to be upgraded with the make models of the router and the internet service providers can help with that. And when nothing works out the best way is to put a booster antenna on top of the router so it can work better and give more strength to the signals.

Category 8 Ethernet cable

category 8


Today wherever we go, the Ethernet cables are everywhere. They come in many shapes, colors, designs, capability of handling date flowing within them and manufactured names. The cables are now needed to be very flexible as many of the Ethernet cables find their place among the networking hubs and the server rooms. These cables have to pass through a lot of places and spots where they can get cut or other obstacles can cause a reduction in their performance.

With the new cutting edge technology companies are coming up with the ideas of flat designed Category 8 Ethernet cables, they are very useful because their design helps to provide greater separation between the four conductor pairs as they are very thin and flexible as compared to the other Ethernet cables. These cables are going to be expensive than the normal Ethernet cables but are going to enhance the bandwidth to 40 Gigabits per second. They are now in the market but will take their time to get into the flow as it is hard to accept the new designs when the older cables are doing their job just perfect but this cannot be ignored that such designed cables can also increase the workflow and will be consuming less space thus giving more room to more connectivity and they are more presentable than the older ethernet cables.

Cable internet, the good and the bad



Internet has developed a lot over the recent years and it has taken different names in different times. It has been used by various sources and by various companies. But at the end of the day internet has remained internet, same old way of connecting people and providing same facility. One of the most forms of internet is the cable internet; because the cables are spread all over the place and the subscribers get the internet from a local internet service provider. But it has its own pros and cons just like any other technology that came into being.

The pros are simple, first and foremost is the speed since the cable is uninterrupted it provides speed and more flexibility also the transfer rate is good for a user. As there is no landline involved the internet is connected smooth and no dialup is needed for it to work. Also no phone bill is included in the monthly bill of the internet. The cable internet provides the best deal for the money as they are twice as cheap as the other DSL internet. The connectivity they provide is pretty much always on and the fluctuation is not as much as the DSL or wireless internets.

At the same time having so many pros the cable internet has cons as well. When we talk about the cons the main one is that on the peak hours having other users we might not be able to get the bandwidth we are paying for. Sometimes we have to buy many other things in order to keep our internet working as the companies love giving away deals that you can’t refuse. The installation cost can sometimes also be heavy on the wallet of the subscriber.

5 Reasons, For Slow WiFi

slow wifi

We all love the fast internet; nobody likes to wait for the pages to load or the videos to buffer or even for the profile at Facebook to open up. Since right now the world has moved to the next step we hardly see our devices connected to the internet via cables or Ethernet, the 21st century is dominated by the WiFi, and when Wi-Fi gets slow nothing makes sense, everything starts to slow down. But hardly people notice the reason why their internet is getting slow when using different devices connected together via WiFi. Here’s why.

First most obvious reason can be the device being way too far from the Router, this makes the signal strength get weak and if the signal strength is weak, it’s safe to assume that the internet is not going to flow perfectly. Just like the cellular signals.

Second can be the location of the router within the premises and the obstacles that fall in the way of the waves of Wi-Fi. These obstacles can be walls, windows or even the doors and that’s not it, typical furniture can also do its job in this.

Third, we would like to mention more physics of signals, there can probably be more devices of the same frequency in the area that can have an interference of a clear difference with the other router causing to be another big reason for the slow internet.

The fourth is the technology, not every device is designed to work fast or has the ability to work on a fast internet this is simple there is a reason why high-end phones are faster when it comes to surfing the internet or using the apps on Wi-Fi.

Last but not least, is again related to technology the WiFi routers are being improved with their bandwidth handling each day, companies are trying their best to get better and better with time so there can be a reason that the router being used is very old, or the model is not compatible with the required speeds of the devices.

The world is advancing and with these advancements, there is a need to meet them with proper tools and equipment so that things that we want to use and enjoy are seamless and give us the proper facility they are actually designed for.