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Internet, How It Works

802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless

802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless


We are now living in the 21st century and the entire world is connected with each other by single means of communication. The internet, it’s everywhere we see nowadays. We enter a restaurant or are having a tea in some café, coming back home, or staying at work. Our desktop PC’s, our laptops, tablets are mobiles, all equipped with this powerful tool. It is truly hard imagining life without it. But how many of us have actually thought about how it reaches us? What are the basic structures and how the internet and its different types are differentiated? In wireless condition or connected by wires. The Internet is somehow reaching us but to reach someplace you need an address.

These addresses can be referred to as the protocols in the internet’s language. The protocols of internet users are as follows. The TCP also was known as the transmission control protocol creates small packaging of the internet which later flow and reach their destination. IP, internet protocol is basically the vehicle that collects these packets and transports them. SMTP, simple mail transfer protocol is just what the name suggests is used to send and receive emails. Meanwhile, the FTP, file transfer protocol is also rooted from its word and relates to the downloading of the files from the internet. Since all of the computers use the same language, using these protocols and other protocols that are not mentioned here, the internet reaches us and different features of it are unlocked alongside, giving us the permission to make full use of it.

Importance of Data Security For The Survival Of The Businesses

Data Security

According to Alen Finch from “the person of interest” that we are living in the era of information, no matter how much military resources you have, the side with more information will always win. So this world is highly prone to data theft. The data of a company is very valuable for their competitors and other enterprises as this data have all the essential information on which that company is prospering. This includes its employees, the complete business plan, mission, vision and goals, past projects, history, future plans, and information about clients, projects, deals and payment information etc. This critical information if a loss of stolen can put the company on the verge of destruction. Now, this is where IT companies came into play and provide the necessary protection to keep the data secured. It is always a good idea to take security measures as this will protect your data, so you will eventually save your time as well as money that you would have spent in recovering it. So, in short, it helps you in minimizing the cost of development and not to mention your precious time. Here are some security measures which we should keep in mind to avoid such incidence.

Always have a strong complex password to the system so that you can avoid any breach.

Always have a reliable official antivirus installed in the system to avoid any unwanted malware.

Always take backups regularly.

Always keep your system from connecting to any unknown gadgets to prevent it from getting into any internal hack.

How to avoid High internet bills



Everyone uses the internet unless you are living under a rock or in a cave. Even internet signals can catch you there as well. Internet usage is increasing every day and so are the bills. Internet bills are directly proportional to the usage. At times we receive an internet bill which is surprisingly high. If we compare it to our usual bill we may find it enormous. And we will unable to find any good reason for this sudden rise in the bill. Below are some reasons by which our internet bill is catered.

Always be aware of your internet package plan. AS we have signed up for different downloading limits with our service providers depending on the package, for instance, some can download a maximum of 60GB or maybe 40GB or sometimes as high as 100GB of data transfer. Most of the websites we surf on the internet are free websites as they don’t charge us anything for visiting them. However every time you hit a website you consume some portion of your data like 10-15 kb which is quite negligible.

If you download movies and discographies over the internet then this can cost you bandwidth in GB’s so you will soon run out of your allotted bandwidth and your service provider will charge you on your extra usage. Playing play station online will also cost you a lot of bandwidth.

How Internet changed our globe



The world has gone through many phases, many technologies and researches have made this globe a better place to live in. Science played its important role in always trying to make life get easier and better with time. Either it’s a wheel, helping us cover a hundred miles in days, or its electricity driving our machines to help in tasks done in hours. Every single invention has helped us to move forward but some of them in those are the ones who changed the face of the world like Newton’s laws. The Internet is one of them.

The Internet truly has made our world a different place by not just adding one thing to it but countless, the only limitation is our imagination. And the best thing it has provided me is the mobility and portability. If we spend the time to discuss what in specific then we might not be able to find enough time to do it. Internet has made us connected to the world and read news, have fun with friends by playing online games, talk to people sitting thousands of miles away, make newer friends on the social media networks, for entertainment watch films online, to soothe our soul listen to quality music, if we’re unemployed then look out for jobs, read and conduct the researches that are not available to us in other ways, pay for things we buy and also receive payments we work for, having connected with our universities and schools and colleges so that we can study online. Just because of these features, it has brought the world together and equipped us with the abilities that we were looking for earlier and were absent.

Global Medical Fiber Optics Market to hit a new mile stone by 2019 to Reach USD 1,336.1

Ethernet cables

Fiber optics as we all know has a very wide range of applications and medical industry is one of them. Medical is an industry whose sole purpose is to save lives and serve humanity. Fiber optic cable works on a very simple principle of light signals transport data across the cable. Which is made up of high quality glass, silica and plastic. But in the recent years with the growth in the field of biomedical engineering there has been a remarkable rise in the medical fiber optic applications that includes X-ray imaging, ophthalmic lasers, light therapy, lab and clinical diagnostics, dental head pieces, surgical and diagnostic instrumentation, surgical microscopy and endoscopy. These state of the art new technologies has also brought fortune and generate quite a revenue in the market. With very precise diagnostic and pin point accuracy in targeting the targeted cells and tissues, medical fiber optics has created a demand in the market which in turn generates revenue. According to med gadget “Global medical fiber optics market was valued at USD 863.1 million in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2013 to 2019, to reach an estimated value of USD 1,336.1 million in 2019”.

As the world is moving and focusing towards more and more safe health care infrastructure and the exceptionally good results produced by the medical fiber optics, its not a big shot to considering the immense demand in the market.

Fiber Optics, in space


A lot of the things are meant to be created within a specific canvas and their production usually is capped by the canvas they’re built in. Art is done on some material, for example, we draw on a paper. Paper is a limit. We drive from one place to the other, distance is the limit. But bigger minds think beyond limits and there is nothing that can actually try to stop their capability to reach heights that are in other ways unreachable.

Most of the things are made in such a way that whenever we imagine them we imagine them to be fitting in nice and perfect in space. A space shuttle is a very good example of it, if we compare them to the busses that take us to from the airport terminal to another, a shuttle seems to be a better sight to have. A company has decided to touch those limits after they were done making world’s first zero gravity 3D printer and launching it to the space and into the International Space Station. It became the first 3D printer in the space. There next milestone is somewhat more interesting as they are now trying to concentrate on making the fiber optic in the zero-gravity conditions. To do this there is a co operation taking place with another company that specializes and are known for the quality of their heavy-metal glass fiber. But manufacturing such cable is a problem because the gravity we have here on our planet can disrupt its structure. The company is aiming to achieve the goal because as we speak 43% of the world’s population is online and by 2020, this ratio will increase by 5% that is going to be unmanageable with the world’s current transmission capabilities.

Ethernet Cables, and what their colors mean

Ethernet Colors


The world has been dominated by the internet and internet and networking’s world was dominated by the Ethernet cables, the Ethernet cables are everywhere somewhere you find them in their normal condition and somewhere you find them in a big clan, all tangled and attached with each other supplying the networking solutions from a smaller office to a bigger towns. The Ethernet cables are of different types and are being made better and better with time regardless of the fact that the wireless internet might take over the world sooner. They also come in different colors that often confuse the users as if they’re buying the correct type or it has nothing to do with the bomb going off because of the wrong color of the wire chosen.

The question that rises in our minds is that if the cables are all the same then what is the need to give different colors to them? The answer is simple and mentioned perfectly in the bomb example mentioned above. Colors are simply used for the identification, for example if we have an office having different cables it will be really difficult to find out which wire goes where? This is why the colors are used so that you can easily tell the blue wire connects with computer A and the red one is going to be connected to computer B. Very few people know about the purpose and many believe that colors put difference in their quality and their work performance but that is clearly not true.

Difference Between Wireless Networking and Wireless Internet

Wireless Technology


The internet is reaching us in many forms, shapes and types. And the world is moving into new ages so fast and quick that no one likes to sit at one place, everything is getting mobile from desktop pc’s to laptops and from landline phones to cell phones, everything is losing its wire, and the only purpose to make things wireless is to promote portability. The problem is the understanding now, because of so much diversity in the internet, it being in form of edge, 3G, 4G and so many other names. Having confusion is very obvious and all of the providers use this confusion for their advantage. Mixing Wireless networking and Wireless Internet, both are providing internet but as a service very different from each other.

The DSL providers remove the cables from their advertisements giving the consumers a different image of their service, but the world is, like we mentioned earlier, moving to an age where the tablets are taking place of even the laptops now. Wireless internet is definitely the most important part to complete the purpose of such device. DSL and Cable can’t give us such freedom they can only give a modem and make the house become a place to use internet wirelessly via WiFi, and this is how they use the term ‘wireless’. The wireless internet however is facing its own problems. Because of higher speed and users taking advantage of it, the fair usage policy kicks in and the companies have to put a cap on their data usage. But needless to say, wireless surely is a peak into the future and DSL so far is not able to beat it.

Cloud computing- A beacon of hope for the startups and SME’s.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the ever growing and developing field of technology. It is a concept which has application in nearly all felids of the daily life. With every day passing by all of our aspects of life are becoming digital in nature all of our information is stored on silicon chips in binary form. Cloud computing has application in the field of research, military, industries, startups, hospitals, educational institutes, enterprises e.t.c. Its applications has opened a new era of immense development and it is a hope for the startups to make their idea a reality.
It is a type of internet based computing in which the services are provided to a company or client over the internet. In short it is sharing of computer resources without the need of installing any gadgets by just transferring the required service over the internet. So one should not heavily invest on a personal server or purchasing expensive infrastructure i.e. personal devices and gadgets, you can just get the required services by the help of cloud computing. You don’t have to go through the hectic job of software licensing and buying programs for your business. And the best part is you just have to pay for it like any other utility bill. It is present everywhere and you can get it if you want to. So like electricity its computational power on demand which is readily available and you can get a connection if you need it.

Category 8 cable: What You Need To Know


Category 8


The internet is everywhere, it reaches us by different sources and mediums and sometimes they all get so much variation in themselves just to enhance the capability of the usage. Everyone likes things to be fast, and especially when they’re fast enough so that they don’t have to wait for the things to be done. The user experience for the internet gets onto the next level when speed is increased. Mainly the internet is being provided to us by the cables, but it is going onto the wireless conditions just to enhance the user experience and provide portability, many people in the industry are saying that future is wireless, but the truth is the power and speed cables can give us, they’re far more superior even for a comparison.

What makes the internet fast? The answer is, transfer rate. Cables have different abilities to transfer data among them on basis of their build and version and technology. New such cables that are going to be introduced are the Category 8 cables that will have the ability to transfer higher amounts in relatively shorter times. This cable has the ability to supports bandwidths of up to 2GHz and will be used initially in data centers for 25G and 40Gb Ethernet for distances of up to 30 meters (100 feet). The cable has been manufactured by the top quality tools and has been tested correct for the usage. These twisted cables are soon going to make their space within the world of networking enhancing our work ability and promoting speed.