Some Common Myths About VPN


VPN stands for virtual private networks. It is available for a quite a time now but due to some common misunderstandings, it doesn’t gain much of the attention. Below are some myths about VPN which are prevailing in the industry.

  • VPN’s are slow: Well this statement is highly subjective as it depends on the version of the VPN you are using. It is true to some extent that it slows down the browsing but that’s because of the free version and a lot of traffic is there to slow it down because of many free users. However, if you use paid version you will not feel any lag in the speed.
  • VPN services are secure: No that’s not true. An amateur may not be able to penetrate the VPN security but for a professional hacker, it’s a piece of cake to penetrate the VPN.
  • All VPN’s are the same: This is also a misunderstanding and is utterly wrong. There are several types of VPNs available. Depending on your requirements you can have site-to-site, intranet-based and extranet-based VPN e.t.c.
  • VPN’s keeps you 100% Anonymous: Well that’s also not true. The service providers do keep your some of the data like IP address, location, operating system, and browser. That’s because they want to keep a safe side when subjected to legal matters.
  • Service is for Evil purposes: That totally depends on what you want to access as some use it to open restricted sites, remaining anonymous while using public Wifi, or do you know why.

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