Broadband Is Making A Comeback Said CEO Of Adtran



In the ever-growing field of telecommunication and networking, it’s hard to come up with the developing technologies. You have to work hard to stay in the race. The CEO of Adtran is very optimistic about the hardcore comeback of broadband in the market. In an interview, Tom Stanton said: “Broadband is getting hot again, and it’s going to be made even hotter by the advent of 5G wireless and actually made easier to deploy by the arrival of virtualization.”

In annual briefing event of Adtran in Huntsville Stanton was of the view that with the immense increase in the access speed it will create more and more and more opportunities for the clients to access the internet at really high speed. He further added, “the arrival of 5G and millimeter wave technology will push the industry toward wireless as the final connection, but all of that traffic will mostly be riding fiber or souped-up copper through the network.”

“If you are going to run a network that’s got billions of different end connections instead of tens of millions, fundamentally you have to do things differently. Companies such as Amazon Web Services Inc. and Google have figured out how to handle billions of users and you are seeing the carriers follow through that same thought process.”

So bottom line, to prosper you have to adapt to the ever-changing tech environment. So to bring back the broadband boom Stanton can use the same software he develops to support any physical access technology rather than working separately on each network element.

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