Fire Test For Communication Cable Is The Need Of The Hour

cables fire

There are cable producers who are manufacturing communication cable that does not pass fire and life-safety building codes and yet they label it with all the marketing you need on the proper testified cables.

With the advent of technology, our lifestyle has changed dramatically. We have changed our workplace and living patterns. We are living a much more comfortable life with the technology gadgets but these gadgets which have made of life easy also possess the tendency to take our lives. With our new state of the art buildings equipped with new breathtaking technologies, we are more prone to fatal fire outbreaks. Our buildings are webbed with commination cables which can turn into a fire conductor if proper measures are not taken into consideration by the manufacturers.

The communication cables are tested in the Steiner Tunnel, in which cables are tested by being subjected to fire. A cable earns the plenum rating by passing specific flame-spread and smoke-generation requirements in a Steiner Tunnel. Cables are subjected to a tunnel and fire is then initiated at one end and then technicians measure how far does the fire reach in the cable.

First fire onset is measured by the control cable whose manufacture is known to be proper and safe and then a cable without UL approved holograph label was subjected to fire which burnt rapidly and produced dense smoke. So when you are installing the cables in your building make sure you are using the right UL approved cables which are designed to withstand fire outbreaks.

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