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AI in Becoming an Everyday Technology


Artificial Intelligence has a rich background; from its emergence in the 1950s to the past decade, it has made a massive impact and some breakthrough innovations. Artificial Intelligence or AI is the future and here’s the story behind our drastic and unprecedented future.
If you’re unsure of what AI is then: AI is known as the simulation of human minds done by the machines aka. mimicking our actions and learning on their own will. This means that we are only contributing to building a mind for the machines but from there on the machine can adapt to their free will. Interesting, isn’t it?
The real art of telling the story isn’t what’s behind us, but what comes next; and, what comes next is the breakthroughs from the staple of Silicon Valley which will turn the inventions into our everyday life. This might be a far longer process concluding decades but the experimenting technology of today will be what we live on in some distant future.