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Solid Cable vs. Solid Copper vs. Solid Copper UL Listed

Patch, Cord and Ethernet cables fall into many categories. They all serve the purpose of linking up computing devices to construct a network. They are important components of any internet-bound system as data is transmitted over these precious but apparently very minor looking entities. A cable streamlines the process of communication. Stronger connections between peers largely depend upon the type and quality of the cable. We will be discussing some of the salient features of three types of cables to ease out the task of the digital user and that of network developers.

Solid Cables (CCA):

The term CCA stands for Copper Clad Aluminum cable. As the name indicates, Solid cables are composed of two primary metals that are Copper and Aluminum. Copper forms an exterior sheath of insulation and supports the structure of the cable. Aluminum conducts electrical impulse and lies beneath the surface of Copper.

These cables have the following advantages over its competitors:

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Rating is very important when it comes to the selection and application of patch and Ethernet cables. Rating is associated with some sort of standards which are measured against some scale.  Plenum rated cables thus specify sustainability of cables in varied and unusual circumstances.

Some building structures pertaining to schools, training institutes, and IT centers demand raised floors and lowered ceilings with spaces within to accommodate healthy air inflows and outflows. Natural air is allowed to make its way through the infrastructures with manipulated and unorthodox building designs.

So plenum rated cables are peculiar and multidimensional as they will not be intoxicating the surroundings with hazardous substance release. Additionally, they will avoid being illuminated by fires.

Thus the degeneration and the chaos level as result of any calamity is curtailed to minimal levels as a result of these very fine, delicate and well-furnished cables.

Lowered ceiling structures have air vents, more frequent transportation of air viz a viz the dimensions of an infrastructure increase the potential threat level in case the building catches fire.

UTP cables are untwisted pair cable strings held together without the twists and bends. The conducting wires aren’t curled. Extra shielding in UTP cables counters EMI’s and crosstalks from internal and external sources.

CAT6 cables are one of the very recent innovations in connecting cables design and orientation.

CAT6 supersede CAT5 and CAT5e cables. They are more proficient in handling nuisance in the form of EMI’s and cross-talks. They are more vibrant, agile as compared to the older designs.

They would carry out the signal routing process managing higher bandwidths and with convenience.

They are more impulsive with a better coordination system; an upgraded version of accessories attached to the CAT6 cables makes them superior in comparison to CAT5 and CAT5e cables in many respects.

CAT6A cable encompasses even wider dimensions and is more applicable as compared to CAT6.

The split in the communication systems primarily arises because of radiations and electronic clash with the wiring systems. The electronic flow in the electromagnetic radiations slows down the signal transmission process.


CAT6 Cables and CAT6A Cables | 1000FTcables

CAT5 and CAT5e cables are a story of the past. Now the tech world wants more delicate, flexible, applied oriented cables to conduct the electrical impulse. This is where CAT6 cables and CAT6A cables come handy as they are the latest development in the series of CAT cables and are intended to support higher bandwidths of Ethernet at an affordable price.

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CAT6 and CAT6a Cables are the latest innovations in the digital wiring industry. Cables of category 6 surpass the previous set of models in theory and in an application. One can surf through the highs and lows of the internet because signal routing is made sounder in design and orientation. CAT 5 and CAT6 cable both plug-in to the very same socket/external jacket. The point of “linking up” computer with the external source is RJ-45, and both CAT5 and CAT6 have this dimension in common.

CAT5 cables can support 10/100 Mbps at 100 MHz bandwidths of Ethernet. CAT5e is the enhanced version where “e” stands for enhanced. So a few of the features are extended and modified for better performance.CAT5e is more proficient in overcoming EMI’s and cross-talks from nearby sources. Radiations emitted by various entities around a computing device can bring the computing operations to a point of stalemate. Delayed and weak signals can cause inefficiency and frustrations. CAT5e is made capable to counter such problems.

CAT6 cables are heavily guarded by protective coating to overcome hazardous radiations (Electromagnetic radiations). They can support the 10GBs of data as well. But primarily they are intended to counter cross-talks (radiations from bulky wiring structures).

CAT6A can support 10GB data at longer distances (328 feet of Ethernet cable).


Cables are an important component of any computing network. Large IT centers and business firms need to handle the menace in the form of radiations (cross talks and EMI’s) for swift and uninterrupted data transmission and signal routing. The design, structure, orientation, and specifications of Ethernet cables must be taken into account for optimum and dignified performance.

Cat5e cables and Cat6 cables Comparison

CAT5e cable, category five enhanced, can support 1GB/s at 100 meters whereas the CAT6, category 6, cable is an enhanced version which can handle pressures up to 10GB/s at only 55 meters. Thus CAT6 supports higher bandwidths in comparison to CAT5e.

CAT5e and CAT6 cables show variations in frequencies as well. CAT5e has a frequency of 350MHZ whereas the category 6 patch cable has the higher frequency which is 550MHZ.1000ft-cables

CAT5e and CAT6 cables have the ability to counter electromagnetic influx from all sources. The radiations are emitted by matter all around us. Charged species do emit higher doses of radiations such as the electric types of equipment, circuits and so on. Electrons are lost and gained by various atoms and it’s an ongoing phenomenon. The gain of the electron by an atom means the release of radiations and these radiations can penetrate into the nearby computing devices too.

One can expect more radiations in an area of congested cable and wire systems. The networks of computers are connected by cables. So one can expect more ‘cross-talk’ that is disruptions as a result of EMI’s.

The CAT5e and CAT6 cables have been provided with the unique ability to counter this crosstalk so that the computing operations aren’t affected.cat5e-cat6-cables

Twisting and shielding allow enhanced performance. CAT5e and CAT6 cables are coated with a protective layer added to go along with the twisting of the conducting wires. Each pair of the conducting wires is twisted alternatively to deter the EMIs.

The flow of data, signals and the mobilization of computing resources becomes streamlined and efficient.

Both the series of Ethernet cables can handle the pressures of crosstalk’s and foreign intrusions but definitely, CAT6 is an advanced version. CAT6 can support higher bandwidths and boost the overall process of signal routing.

CAT5e was an updated version of CAT5 cables, where ‘e’ stands for enhanced. But CAT6 cables have replaced both the older versions.

Computing operations need to be handled with utmost care for quality performance. Maintenance of computing resources is also mandatory. The selection of a suitable patch and Ethernet cables can help relieve computers of all undue pressures.difference-cat5e-cat6-cables

Patch Your Devices Together With Ethernet Cables

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Our cost-effective products will modify the outlook and enhance the performance of your computing devices. Crossover cables are intended to connect two computers and are closely related to patch and Ethernet cables. Our network and non-network type of cables are heat resistant, durable and flexible. It’s all about compatibility and we ensure quality products to sustain the hardware of your computing devices. Fluent and smooth data flow must be ensured as data is a central feature of input, output devices such as computers. Slow transactions of data and potential threats of data loss at some point could be irritating.

Our computers overheat and the hardware components could become faulty over a period of time. It’s the interconnecting devices such as patch and Ethernet cables which are so very important in managing the physical components of our computers. We design cables which could be easily molded as per the requirements. Solid and stranded cables are meant for sheer quality performance and swift data flow. Shielded and unshielded types of patch and Ethernet cables have contrasting specifications and must be complemented with adequate hardware components.