DirecTV PI 21 21v 1.51 Power Inserter For Swimline Dish

DirecTV PI 21 21v 1.51 Power Inserter For Swimline Dish

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The DirecTV PI-21 21v 1.51 PI-21 Power Inserter is designed for use on the SWiMLine dish. Power Insterter: The SWM switch requires more power than the receivers provide for traditional LNBs orswitches. DirecTV includes a power inserter with each SWM unit. This simply plugs in to astandard electrical outlet IN-DOORS and feeds power to the switch or LNB. It has simply two coaxports, one to the receivers and one to the switch/LNB. The powered-output is colored red and islabeled SWM, to feed the switch/LNB. The other port is labeled IRD to feed receivers. Reversingthe connections will damage the receivers.The power inserter generally would be installed near the point where wires enter the home from the dish.Some users may need to place the power inserter in a different location, due to outlet limiations or the desire touse a UPS battery-backup. The power inserter can be placed after the splitter as long as the splitter is designed topass power to only one port, and the receiver with the power inserter is connected to this port. Features: Frequency Range 2-2150Mhz Can be used for the SWM-8 UL Listed Output 21v/ 1.2A max/ 25.2W max. Input 100~120Vac/ 60Hz/ 0.6A max/ 30W max Insertion loss 1.5db typ.


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