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How to make Ethernet Patch Cable? [Infographic]

If you have some Ethernet cables and you wish to install it in your home or at your office, obviously; first of all, you will try to contact a network engineer nearest to your access. But now it is very easy to understand and make your own patch cables as an inexperienced person. Ethernet cables have 8 wires twisted in four pairs. Each pair has one wire of certain color and another wire that is white with a colored. The guide line below will completely guide you to make your own patch cables. Unroll the required length of any categorical cable and add there a little extra wire for making desired cable. Carefully remove the outside jacket of the cable, be aware that there is not a single or little cut on the internal conductor, so cables do not disturb or lose signals/data. Stripe 1-11/2” of insulating sheath and avoid cutting into conductor insulation. Here you will find four twisted pairs, untwist the pairs ends and sort wires by insulation colors according to color cods Like 1 to 8, 1.White green,, 3.white orange,, 5.white blue,, 7.white brown, 8.brown. Hold wires as griped as you can and trim equally to end, leave wires only ½”. After cutting the wires equally, now you are going to attach a connector. Maintain wires in order left to right, with RJ45 tab facing downward. Do all wires extend to end? Is sheath well inside the connector? If not so Force the wires until wires completely fix in their selected areas. Now see the connector to the end, here you will see the wires with their colors fully fixed in the connector. Now you will have to crimp it with its special tool (crimper). Squeeze firmly to crimp connector on to cable end (8P).

Why it is crimped?

The answer is that cable sheath needs to be completely fixed in the connector and it will never loos long time even you move it roughly. In last you are going to finalize the procedure by testing the cables.

Does the cable work?

Check the cable by inserting the cable into Ethernet Cable Tester. Insert the cable into tester and make attention on the specific lights, each light is for each wire, if the cable in completely settled all the lights will blink. Even if a single light does not blink, I have a bad news for your, you have not crimped the wire correctly, you would need to go over the procedure again. Here is an infographic that shows how its done.   How to Make Network Cable


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