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The Future of Networking Cables!

During the dominance period of Cat5e & Cat6 Ethernet Networking Cables, a lot of other category cables have been introduced which all seem quite promising!

The Cat6a Cable:
Cat 6a is an improved version of Cat 6, It is defined at frequencies twice that of regular Cat 6. It beats the myth that “Cat cables would never be able to support speeds above 1 Gig”, Certainly Cat6a has taken Category cabling to new heights.

cat 6 speed
Cat 6 cable used for

The Cat6a has been made to support future needs such as the transfer of enormous quantity of data at top-notch pace, it is also structured to bear bundle cable installations up to 100 meters, It’s insulation is also much better than the previous cables far lower attenuation than the previous Cat cables”. Speculations are this cable can last for 15 to 20 years.

Cat 6a performs really well particularly in the area of alien cross-talk as compared to old Cat6 (UTP), with all these great features this cable also has some drawbacks, it’s much heavier and bigger in size its handling also require extra precautions

The Cat 7a Cable…

Cat 7a Wire
Cat 7a cable used for

Cat 7a Cable; it is rated at frequencies up to 1000 MHz, its best feature is that its suitable for multiple applications in a single cable which is quite amazing. Cat 7a cable is presently a draft in the principles of ISO for channel and permanent link. TIA/EIA presently is not employed on any Cat 7a Cable standard.

Category 8 Cable…

cat 8 ethernet
Cat 8 cable used for

Currently this cable is not popular but its outlook is promising, it has been specified to 2GHZ. It seems this will be a product of next generation of data centers.

This wire holds a promise for a speedy future of networking, it will enhance the speed and will allow to transport data 4 times faster, as far the shape & design is concerned, It will be a lot like its previous sister cables.

All in all with the great features and the amazing specifications & added reliability, durability & safety it looks like a real treat for data center managers.

setting up a wireless network
Wi-Fi Networking

Wi-Fi Networking…
Wi-Fi Networking is also getting into everyday needs, its use is on the rise for the past several years, it is only used as a secondary option, which is very convenient, since it does not provide the speed, which a cable can carry, cables are preferred over Wi-Fi networking. For the time-being the future of cables seems bright with the addition of these great new cables.

Wi-Fi has to jump a lot of hurdles to over power cables.


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