Thursday, April 29, 2021
Home Network Cable Fibre optic cables placed in the channel b/w Largs and Millport

Fibre optic cables placed in the channel b/w Largs and Millport

Fibre optic cables placed in the channel

The new fibre optic cables come with new specifications and last Thursday spectators gathered in glorious sunshine, to watch a white French ship, sail on the waters between Largs and Millport Scotland. They installed millions pounds of new cable to increase the west coast’s broadband capability.

British multinational telecommunications services  has granted £26.9 million for the contract to three firms in order to the determined subsea cabling project that will help deliver fast, fibre broadband to further areas of Scotland.

Expert vessels will place 20 fibre optic submarine cables in a precise operation provided that a fibre broadband backbone, it will ultimately link communities from Orkney to Kintyre.

The Global Marine system conducts the marine route survey and it supplies the cables. Orange marine contracted to lay around 400 KM of subsea cables.

The Director of Digital Highlands and Islands ‘‘Stuart Robertson’ ’declares that Highlands and Islands Enterprise aimed that this project would reach across the region.

According to the source the subsea cables are an important part of bringing high speed broadband to the west coast communities. Their installation is very essential to reach the 84 percent exposure target for the region and this network will take the closer service to everyone. It will provide better broadband to the users.

The project is very challenging and ambitious rural broadband and BT has undertaken in the UK. The Company also decided to build more than 800KM new fibre land. The Public Sector also invests £126 for this contract.


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