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T Mobile Unlimited Wi-Fi Calling and Texting


T Mobile is making a big innovation on Wi-Fi connectivity, according to the company’s offer plan every customer can make unlimited calling and texting over Wi-Fi.

The CEO, John Legere announced the offer, titled Wi-Fi Un-leashed, during Company’s event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The offer is available to all subscribers of T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan.

The mobile carrier also stretched its offer boundaries for those who are using T-Mobile subscriber’s regular number and no additional app.

The customers, whether they are connected with Wi-Fi network or one of T-Mobile tower can make HD voice calls without call dropping or affecting the quality of the call no matter any music or video is being streamed. Those areas which are poorly covered or not covered by T–Mobile’s LTE network are also ensured to benefit the service.

T-Mobile also announced their partnership with Gogo at the event, to offer customer’s unlimited texting to any other phone on the globe while traveling on the Gogo’s Wi-Fi enabled domestic flights.

CTO Neville Ray said they are spending billions to deploy new plan and packages,

“We have to be ever more disruptive. We have to do things the other guys won’t do.”

T-Mobile is the fourth major US carrier but becomes pioneer to start such offer which has not yet done by any other country’s carrier to date.

To make functional the exclusive package, T-Mobile has to enable Wi-Fi calling and texting for every smartphone that will be shipped from 17 September; the same date for shipment of Apple’s latest iPhone would start.

For those T-Mobile users which don’t have enabled Wi-Fi Un-leashed smartphones can trade in their devices with the help of company’s jump in program.


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