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Biggest Enemies of Wired Cables


There are many enemies of wired internet and there are many allies too. But these enemies are causing huge decrease in wired internet.

Major aspect that is killing wired cables network is New Era of Devices. The wired cables were on its peak in the Era of Desktop computers. In those days computers were usually used under or on the table on which networking cables were easy to use. But now a days we very often see anyone using the antique Desktop Computer. They are used mostly for editing different videos or for Graphic purposes.

On which type of device you are reading this article I bet it is not any desktop machine. I’ll go with a laptop or a tablet or may be a mobile. We often mostly use our social networks on cell phones or I pads. Even working on keyboard of laptop seems difficult for many people, most of them prefer touch Keyboards.

Life is going with extreme fast pace, so our working projects are getting complicated too. You cannot work while sitting in your cabin we have to meet other people, interaction with other employees so time becomes very short. So we have to carry our Laptop and Tablet wherever we go. And that fast part of life has no place for complex desktop computers.

Another important factor which turned out to be a major enemy is ease of wireless internet. Mostly in Hotels, colleges, hospitals and hostels good speed of Wi-Fi is available by the management so the usage of wired internet is decreasing day by day in these places.

So these are some enemies which are decreasing the values of networking cables. But there are no doubts that pure internet comes from cables, but circumstances come between the need and purity.


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