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cat5 length limit, efficiency in making cat5 cable
Performance Ratio of Cat5 cable

There are different efficiency is inversely proportional to Length weaknesses in networking cables, the biggest drawback of any cable is its ability to work in big lengths and today we’ll configure the ability of cat 5 length to work in long lengths.

Basically exceeding the Cat 5 cable to normal length will not affect the data transmission rate but excessive lengths can really resist the data transmission rate.

There are many hypothesis related to it, but 100 meters is an ideal length for Cat 5 cable, in which they can work efficiently without losing the data transmission rate.

What will happen if we cross 100 Meters?

I know, most of you have this kind of question in your mind. But don’t worry it’s not that bad what you are thinking, because it is the habit of human brain to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. But in reality, there is a risk of decreasing the data transmission rate whenever the ideal length of cable increases. This is because the data which travels through cables are in shape of packets. So, increasing lengths can cause you to lose some packets.

So what if we don’t have any other choice?


I know most of you have to use cable with length of more than 100 meters so don’t worry. God created humans for life and humans created science to make their life easy.

So, if you really want to use cable exceeding 100 meters, so consider using multiple cables with repeater devices instead of one cable. Because repeaters re-time and regenerate the signals to the suitable amplitude before sending them to next segment of the cable, but repeaters are not a perfect solution of the problem even they can cause minor delays. So, consider short paths for laying cables but if you have no other choice you are left with only one option repeaters.


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