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Inner Reality of Ethernet Cable

Inner Reality of Ethernet Cable
Inner Reality of Ethernet Cable

Actually, all kinds of Ethernet cables almost look the same from outside, but its inside that matters the most.

Choosing any networking cable by only seeing it’s outer case seems very difficult. World is moving really fast technologies are upgraded on daily bases so it’s better to keep an eye on what we are using and what might be next.

Beginning is always difficult so, the first and most important thing is to find a reliable trust worthy cable supplier like 1000ft cables, on which you can rely on. Because there are many suppliers who fool people because not everyone is capable of recognizing cable from its outside jacket, instead of using Cat5 you should use Cat 6 with advance features so,  it’s really important to know that difference between these two cables.

Category 6 mostly known as Cat6 is standardized cable made for Gigabit Ethernet and other network physically layers that were compatible in past with Cat5/5e cables. Cat 6 is simply superior to Cat5/5e cable, and biggest factor that differ them is frequency at which key parameters are being measured. As compared to other cables Cat 6 has more strict policies for cross talk and system noise.

Cat 5e provides performance up to 100 MHz as compared to Cat 6 which provides performance up to 250 MHz, and now the upgrade of Cat 6, Cat 6a which can generate performance up to 500 MHz.

Science has made life very easy, upgrading with that pace needs huge amount of courage hats off to manufactures who worked really hard for providing us with the best.

So, they use different techniques to make cables better, the first among them is Pair Twist Rate, improved noise cancellation can be achieved because of it. Signal degradation can be stopped by avoiding Pair Staggering. Another and Basic method of generation performance out of cables is to use good quality material in the manufacturing of the cables.


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