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Moving Computer: Don’t forget to follow precious steps

Moving computer from one location to another is a common thing. However, you may encounter some problems while or after moving your computer from one place to another. You must ask some question to yourself such as, are the cables are long enough to connect devices?, since mouse, keyboard, video or networking cables would needs to be adjusted after moving your computer and sometimes they have length limitations.

Below are some tips which can be help to plan and move your system without encountering any hinder.

For the purpose of Ethernet you must keep in mind there must be phone jack nearby, if it is not present you will have to purchase long enough wire to make it accessible to available jack to where your modem is placed.

Networking cables resembles Phone Cables in design, however, plugs at the terminals are different – networking cables have larger plugs than Phone cables and have eight pins instead of four.

Networking cables are used for the connectivity between modems and routers and your computer, available in the market as Cat5 and Cat-6 cables. You must remember that these cables could perform excellently over 100 feet.

Wireless internet can also be an option if the modem is at the other part of the house, although in case the distance is far or obstructions like walls are between modem and your system this option can reduce browsing speed or loading online data and few seconds will turn into minutes to access online world.

The keyboard or mouse can also need to be extended, and for this reason Extender cables are available in market. Wireless keyboard and mouse can also be an option but they are too expensive.

The same formula could be used for HDMI or video cables, mostly used in the entertainment centers.

To buy networking or USB cables online retailers such as Amazon and eBay are best options because they offer quality products at low prices compare to local retailers or shops.

In the last, be careful to back up your precious data before shifting your computer since you may accidentally drop it and all the data on the hard will go in ruin.


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