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Ethernet Boost Network Performance

Ethernet boost
Ethernet boost

Ethernet Boost your Network Performance.Deployment of Ethernet cables in work spaces and Organizations is a basic need to cut the demands such as connecting LAN for connecting multiple devices. Ethernet is preferred by majority of organizations due to their high performance and broadband feature.

Following are some reasons why Ethernet is top choice of businesses across the globe:


The most important phenomenon of Ethernet cables is privacy. All the data is transferred over the domain of 2 layer having capacity with point to point connection.

Single Interconnection:

All nodes sends the data at a single hub, the collected data is then send all the other business locations.

Cost Efficient:

Cost of IT infrastructure is reduced due to usage of single handoff. There are many types of wires of Ethernet cables, below are some used for commercial purposes:

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Wiring:

Ethernet cables comes with UTP grades depending upon its application Siemen Augment Cat5e and 6 UTP are some common variants

Foil Unshielded Twisted Pair Wiring (F/ UTP):

Simeon’s Cat 6A F/UTP comes with a cable shield and reduced diameter Best to use in flexible installation

Shielded with Foil Twisted Pair Wiring:

These are made of copper Such wires are good to use in places where there is high electrical interference Good to support large variety of applications

Fiber Optic Wiring:

Fiber Optics Wiring are commonly used in data centers Flexible modes of light available, i.e. single mode and multimode

Network Wiring Diagrams- UTP:

Designed in the manner to identify cabling within a LAN Comes with following copper standards: Cat 5e, Cat 6, Augmented Cat 6, Cat 7, Class D, Class E, Class F, and FA


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