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Facts about undersea networking cables

undersea networking cables
undersea networking cables

Networking Cables are generally compared with motherboard of computer, nano-wires spreading all across the board are similar to networking cables over the Earth. We just saw a smaller portion of internet cables, most of the cables which transfer data are placed in the depths of coldest ocean. We have collected some facts about the undersea networking cables.

Undersea installation is nerve-wrecking process

Ninety-nine percent of communication data is transmitted by the cables passing under the sea. Overall they make hundreds of thousands of miles, these cables are installed using special boats, knows as cables-layers. Installation of cables is very nerve-wrecking process since special care is taken to avoid any damage to natural habitat of marine species.

Variation is size with Depth

Size of networking cables becomes thinner with the increase in depth. The size difference is due to vulnerabilities. Usually cables at the 8,000 feet are less vulnerable. Though the cost of installing wires varies mile-to-mile.

Sharks biggest enemy of cables

Sharks are worst enemy to international communication. There are no final words why sharks bite undersea cables. Different reasons are proposed, including electromagnetic fields which could irritate the sharks or they are just curious towards these cables. However, the point is sharks are trying to eat our internet. To protect these cables companies, like Google, are shielding cables to avoid shark attacks.

Undersea Cables have threats like Underground Cables

Passing under the sea doesn’t mean communication cables are highly safe, they still have threat like on the ground. While the oceans are free of construction work, there are penalty of threats to undersea cables. Beside Shark attacks, boat anchors and natural disasters are serious fears to cables.

Spies Love Submarine Cables

Spies always focus to tap submarine cables to dig out secrets messages. During the peak of cold war, spies installed giant wiretap, the operation named IVY BELLS.


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