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Fiber Optics: A potential replacement of Copper cables

fiber copper
fiber copper

Fiber Optics has edged copper cables for communication needs. Fibre Optics is highly potential competitor of copper cables. However, we still find many of businesses worldwide still use copper wire system for data transmission. Throughout the article we’ll be looking at the benefits and how efficient is Fibre Optic technology.

The first and most worth considering phenomenon of Fiber Optics is its astonishing speed. Fibre Optics can transmit millions of pulses per second and the fibre optics cable has been practically found to transmitting 10 Gbps, which ensures greater bandwidth and big data transfer rate. Other than speed Fibre Optics also delivers high level of security, these cables are impossible to break into and leaked signal are not capable to decipher. The cables are also resistible to EM and RF, therefore noise and interface is prevented. Keeping in view this feature Fibre cables can be installed near the heavy machineries working area.

Fibre Optics Technology is also best to transfer data over hundreds and thousands of miles since the attenuation is very less, so the cables were rapidly adopted by businesses concerned to transfer data to large distances. Copper cables were needed frequently to boost up after short distances and also required to verify the transmitted message is true.

Fibre optics cables are lighter and more flexible compare to copper and can be installed on inconvenient places. Although fibre optic technology can be of high capital cost but still they are worth adopting. High Data transfer rate, security reliability and flexibility are all major factors contributing to characteristic of these cables. The latest trend has shifted many giant businesses to the fiber optics cables for various reasons.


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