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Major breakthrough leads to double the Fiber Optics distance

Optics distance
Fiber Optics

Researchers at the University College London have discovered a new method to boost fiber optics signal distance. A study by Scientific Reports claimed that they data signal through fiber optics could be sent double the distance without errors in sub-marine cables via new technology. The new discovery is also being tested on fiber optics systems which are used in home and office networking. The technology is very beneficial as it can reduce the cost of long distance optical fiber communications by cutting their demand to be electronically boosted on their way. The new method is important for fiber cables which are deployed underground or deep in the oceans.

The technique is of dual importance, along with correcting the data signal it can also help to boost the useful capacity of fibers.

The UCL finding is used at the terminal of the connection, at the receiving end, without introducing any art within the link.

The research sponsored by EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) demonstrates the way to get rid of interactions that occurs between different optical channels within an optical cable. Study Author Dr. Robert Maher said, by eliminating the interference between the optical channels they were able to almost double the distance signal can be transmitted over without any error, from almost 3,200 Km to 5, 890 Km, which is record setting increase for this system architecture.

He explained the technique: The Challenge is to come up with a method to simultaneously capture a group of optical channels with a single receiver. “This allows us to undo the distortion by sending the data channels back on a virtual digital journey at the same time.” The discovery was carried out by using “16QAM super-channel” made of a set of frequencies which could be coded using phase, amplitude, phase and frequency to come up with a high-capacity optical signal.

Study author professor Polina Bayvel, which also belongs to UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering showed her excitement to report such a great finding which can revolutionize the fiber optics communications. She said the latest technique can highly improve the efficiency of data transmission. Demand of internet is booming worldwide and this is a major global challenge researchers are facing. Coping the capacity limit of fiber cables is a major breakthrough towards overcoming the global demand of internet.


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