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Fibre Optic technology, stretching its boundaries

fiber optics cable
fiber optics cable

When talking about Fibre Optic technology most of us will only think these cables are source of high speed internet. It is true at glance as Fibre Optic has most of public applications for Ethernet. However, it is far beyond that. Numerous Industries are employing Fibre Optic technology for its unique features. From Medical to Aeronautics Fibre Optic has its great marks. In Medical, the fibre optic technology is used as a light pathway. Anoscopes, Amnioscopes and different microscopes, which facilitate research and diagnosis process, use these tiny glass threads for illumination purposes. Medical Imaging technologies, including X-Rays also use fibre optics.

Beside their application in Medical Imaging processes, fibre optics has stretched its roots in many other imaging applications. In such applications threads are aligned into the bundled form to guide image reach on the other terminal.

Fibre Optic threads also makes the operations smooth in industries which operates on heavy currents. Workspaces utilize fibre optics cables to minimize the effects of EMI and RFI. In these factories copper cables are rarely used since it can easily be effected with EMI and RFI.

Fibre Optic cables have also advantage to withstand the harsh physical environment. They can endure higher temperature, pressure and other factors without showing very little response. Considering their tough enough ability to face harshness they are used in oil and gas sectors for many purposes. Fibre cables used in oil and gas reserves to keep eye on vital information such as reserve level.

Fibre Optics have also exposed itself to many military and defence projects by many countries. All in all, fibre optics have stretched its limits from ground to air, sea and even space. There usage is undertaken according to need, using specific feature. For this reasons these tiny fibres of glass are designed, bundled and fused to acquire maximum output.


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