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The Future of Ethernet speed

IT Industry constantly produces technologies which prevail for a little while, often for just few years, and then end. However, some technologies have proved to be omnipresent, resilient and widely usable such as Ethernet. It’s been 40 years now the Ethernet jumped into tech sphere and still dominates.

Ethernet, making communications smooth and faster, present in almost every organization, small or large, and every passing day observes this technology on the way to be faster and smarter.

Ethernet Speeds
Future of Ethernet speed

There is common saying that “Bandwidth is king in networking”, based on the extensive standards to define logical and physical elements of Ethernet. The Ethernet Alliance and IEEE are trying to define more precise standards to navigate around Ethernet spectrum.

Nowadays, 1 GB Ethernet servers and Network Interface Cards are very common and the 10 Gig Ethernet, one step ahead, deployments are underway, expected to outclass 1 Gig Ethernet in very next year.

Emerging standards for upcoming Ethernet will open up new bandwidth controlling points within today’s known range and it will enable substantially faster bandwidth limits such as 200 Gigabit and 400 gigabit.

The Chairman of Ethernet Alliance, John D’Ambrosia told about this conflicting situation, “It’s not as chaotic as it seems.” he continued, “The Ethernet market is diversifying, and there are groups working on everything from DC [Power over Ethernet] to 400 GigE.”

The diverse Ethernet options will allow businessmen to choose the technology which is beneficial for their short and long term purpose, D’Amborsia further explained.

To make Ethernet faster remain a top priority for standard organizations, they are trying to double and even quadruple 100 Gig Ethernet. This amazing speed will support many service providers which are seeking to load tons of HD data.


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