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Get best Wi-Fi signals out of your router


Get best Wi-Fi signals out of your router

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 come with great features for end users and you can enjoy plenty of games, apps and much more. However, you can lose all your joy if you don’t get good Wi-Fi connectivity. We’ve surfed around to list down few tips to best optimization of Wi-Fi for your gaming needs.

Wire or Wireless?

Ah, the most nerve-wracking question “whether I use wired or wireless connection?” And the answer is Wired, wired connections are always great way to connect in any case, great speed with higher efficiency is what you get using Ethernet connection. But what if you are far away from the access point what you’ll do then? Pass the wire from this wall to that wall? No, in such cases wireless should be a preferred method.

Place Your Router at the Right Spot

The top of the all is the positioning of your router or modem. Obviously, few questions arise in your mind, “Where it should be placed?”, “Can my pet play around with it?”, The best practice is to place it somewhere high and try to keep it away from your pet. Avoid placing it in or near kitchen since microwaves are great enemy of your router.

5GHz or 2.4 GHz?

You may heard about this 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz thing, but what they are? They are standard of Wi-Fi signals, usually in the modern type of routers. 5 GHz is the best types of Wi-Fi signal, they are more reliable and faster. Furthermore, they get less interference with other devices such as mobile phones.

Upgrade your Router

Most of us rely on the router which we get from our ISP and they hand it over to you with saying “Yeah, it is reliable”, but the fact is with the rapid growing technologies and modern world devices you can’t rely on these routers, so you need to find third party where you can get something reliable. Your ISP router can only be good if you sit right near your router, or you are average consumer. But they are not ready to handle the burden of growing technologies.


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