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Choose the smarter way to network your office


Networking your work space is highly important in productivity of your employees and overall office, whether it is human resource or electronic devices both needs well-structured deployment of network.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless connectivity are flexible to use. Nevertheless, there are many domains where you need to implement wired connections, like printers, desktop machines, security cameras and attendance machines.

Both networks has advantages, but Ethernet connections, as per experience, are simpler, consistent and perform extensively. Ethernet networking has undergone dramatic shift during past few years. They are now available to send upto 1GB of data over the network and their transfer speed is amazingly fast.

Despite the huge advantages of wired connection, wireless has also achieved the high rating. They are useable anywhere around your workspace, in courtyard, on the roof top etc. So, both can be applied, depending upon specific need.

 Access Point

The home devices, modem, are used for both purposes, routing and wireless functions, while in a business setup they are isolated.

Wireless connectivity is made by wireless access points, known as “beacons” that connects devices wirelessly with the rest of network. Managing a single wireless access point is easy with web browser, but when it involves many points, the act becomes a little tricky. A controller perform this function to keep the wireless setup smooth and offers flexibility when expanding the network.

If wireless access point has to be set up outside the building then you can purchase weatherproof wireless points and remember to get Ethernet cables to connect these access points with the whole network.


Firewalls are highly important elements of your networking design. They are essential to keep things safe and ensure manage connections appropriately as multiple incoming connections are managed by a single network.


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