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What is VOIP?


First of all what is VOIP? VOIP means voice over internet protocol. So far, phone calls have been using a network made of copper wires and switches that creates a circuit between the person being called and the caller. This technology was decent, but inefficient. Millions of copper wires have been running from home to home, neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town, country to country, and in the same way one continent to another. There had to be a pair of copper wires for every call taking place.

Now a days the solution to this problem uses data networks that allow the information to be broken up into packets and shipped over a shared network link. This is much reliable for many reasons, but we will discuss two important things here. The first one is utility. If your neighbor’s teenager calls his girlfriend and they are holding the phone in silence. Now very little of the phone`s capacity is used. In the past times the Circuit Switched Scenario using the two copper wires were used for a phone call, either someone is talking or not. The second one is infrastructure. In spite of building two parallel networks, one for data and the other one for the voice, we must unify both networks and create a new single network that costs relatively low and also is less to build out as compared to the dual networks we have been making before.


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