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Home Network Cable Where are high-voltage cables used in a wind turbine?

Where are high-voltage cables used in a wind turbine?

Where are high-voltage cables used in a wind turbine

These high-voltage cables connect the generators to the power channels. Normally the range of the voltage is somewhere about between 650V – 800V.  But at one time there is over 2400V current flowing per second and that’s why more number of cables are used at one time so that there should be appropriate amount of current flowing per second. The more the cables are used the more will be the voltage.

Space constraints and latent heat within the nacelle require that the cable combine a high-wire count of flexible conductors with a large cross-section and a thermosetting insulation.

The overall weightage of the voltage is 35kV per second but it keeps on going up and down. For this thing there are some transformers used which balances the amount of current flow and keeps it around 35kV through the high voltage cables.


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