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Home Network Cable Install a Good Wiring Backbone

Install a Good Wiring Backbone

Install a Good Wiring Backbone

Install a Good Wiring Backbone, A connected smart home generally begins with an incoming cable and a fiber or sometimes with standard phone line coming from outside. This wire is connected to the modem and after it is connected to a router that is having a Wi-Fi in it. The place from where the wire enters the home is important because if it comes in far from the central part of your house like from the basement or from the deep corner of the house then the Wi Fi signals will probably be weak. To overcome this issue, just leave the modem provided to you by your Internet Service Provider where it is and place the router at the central spot and connect the two with high-quality Ethernet cable.

And for the devices that are streaming HD videos nothing beats the communications availability you’ll get from a wired connection between the devices and the router. This will include a fishing either Cat 5e or Cat 6 cabling to wall jacks in tech-heavy areas like your media room or your home office or the bedrooms and a utility room where you have an automation equipment. So, if one wants to avail the maximum amount of speed your network can give out, you need every single component in your network to be gigabit compliant.


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