Saturday, May 29, 2021
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Innovate you Christmas


Innovation is the best present you can give anyone. And this time it is for all of you and it’s not by Santa!!

It’s your own 1000ft Cables bringing Modern Technology in your homes and offices.

1000ft always known to give festive discounts on products but this year we are a step ahead. 1000FT Cables present to you Cat 6A Plenum Solid Copper UTP Ethernet Cable ahead of Christmas and New Year Eve.

The quality is better than past and it’s also on amazing price. Beyond its speed/distance factor the cable has a tighter twist in the cables, which allows for two-way communications on each pair of wires. The 23-gauge Cat6A Plenum cable in thicker than normal Cat 6 and Cat5/A cables because of extra thick plastic inside the cables and partly due to the tighter winding of the pairs which creates more copper per inch.

If you need good quality and you hate Cross Talk Cat 6A is just ideal for you. So what are you waiting for book you Order now.


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