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Because Ethernet Cares about you

Because Ethernet Cares about you

When we compare the Ethernet cables to the highways and dense wire clusters to rural road networks, also, when you use small roads you will have problems with speed and traffic safety becomes an issue and there are also lower levels of engine efficiency as well, now in comparison the specialists point out that the modern highways are straight forward and as such the flow of traffic is direct, well managed, more efficient and safe.

On the introduction of Automotive Ethernet is the growing essential in the car electronics. New active safety features and entertainment systems need significantly more cabling just to facilitate the transfer of data more quickly. Connected cars have morphed from offering a back-up camera and navigation system to a complex network on wheels. Automotive Ethernet changes the entire vehicle into a secured data center with standards of performance, maintenance and protection.

This is growing simply because of the needs of the people, it’s not a demand it’s a necessity. It is down to what we need. Although Ethernet as a solution to cyber security troubles, specialists have focused on its potential to keep things light and simple. But in actual, how significant is the weight of in-vehicle cabling? We are having a lot of cables, sensors and actuators, and as such the number of cables and wires within a heavy commercial vehicle can total about 3,000 meters in length, with a combined weight of up to 100kg.


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