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Celebrating 40 glorious years of Ethernet

Ethernet cables

Well with the advent of the Ethernet in the horizon of the technology industry, the mankind has witnessed; what previously thought to be impossible. This world will always remember the year 1973 for two reasons, one for the launching of Skylab into space by the United States and secondly for Pink Floyd for singing the ever famous song with dope guitar riffs and solo “the dark side of the moon.”

Ethernet, which allowed us to connect our computers and laptops to each other and to the adapters with the help of networking standards. Without any fraction of doubt, it is still the vital organ to the many networks we connect to in our daily endeavors. Ethernet’s applications are everywhere, as it has moved ahead of the enterprise of the 1990s to take over the service provider and home networks industry. Now it has become the central dogma of state of the art future generation data centers. There is no limit to its use, bringing connectivity access to enterprises, business firms, service provider. It is because of this Ethernet that Silicon Valley came into existence and we can have connectivity even out on the roads.

Starting from just a room Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1973, with their first cable which was a fat coaxial cable with extra shielding that seemed like a stiff garden hose and with a very slow speed of data moving, by slow I mean 10 megabits per second. It was a nightmare as compared to 100-gigabit speeds which is offered by the much more thin and reliable cables today.


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