Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Home Network Cable A Wi-Fi Router To Outlast Them All In The World

A Wi-Fi Router To Outlast Them All In The World


The world is moving on fast. Everyone likes to keep things simple but efficient. For example cell phones, they were very simple in the beginning and the number of functions they could do was very limited. But soon the term changed into smartphones and now these devices walk on the face of the earth changing everything. How about at this point we toss up the term called the “Smart Routers” or the OnHub series. Surely sounds something from the future right? But here’s the catch. It’s not from the future. It’s here. The tycoons known as Google, TP-Link and ASUS have come together to give rise to a new line of WiFi routers. The reasons why they’re being called smart are simple. Firstly this router knows what to do and how to set itself up.

Having 12 antennas, giving them strength there’s another way just to scan the area you put it in. And it will have the ability to adapt in the environment too. Next, in the line is having this router linked up with your smartphone and play with its settings remotely. Also that there are a lot of problems we face when putting the router in such a place, which is not suitable for the signals to reach every corner. OnHub is designed with the state of the art, not to be put in some corner of a house but to stay in the middle and with the help of the powerful antennas throw the signals all over even where normal routers can’t reach. The last astonishing feature to include is the onboard Bluetooth. That allows the home networking and automation. Even with all of these possibilities. OnHub routers are still to hit the market and perform. So maybe all we can do is wait and see.


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