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Ethernet And The Cloud Storage Speed

Ethernet And The Cloud Storage Speed

Everyone likes the work to be done fast. Especially when it comes to tons of work under just a matter of days, hours even. The need for more and more agility comes in handy when we talk about computer networks. Many bigger files are often needed to be left in the cloud storages or sometimes require going from one system to another. How is all of this done? By all means with either cloud storage built to put in all the pictures, videos, documents or by the Ethernet that gives rise to the cloud storage. As we move forward with time, the files are going to get bigger and bigger, more and more challenges are going to line up. But what about the load the Ethernet is going to manage? Now there’s a need of it to be even faster. More like a formation of meta-Ethernet. That has the ability to move more and more data in less time. An Ethernet that is fast, yes! But also cost efficient. That has the ability to move 20 to 50 gigabytes of data in a second.

            The new system is introduced in such a way that it also reduces the cost of putting more and more coppered wires along the network. This system is going to be made of SerDes silicon IP and cabling technologies. The use of silicon in place of regular copper wires is going to give us a cost efficient increase in the CPU and more data hubs serving as centres. That are not a luxury in the current systems under use.


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