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The SMART Cables In The Oceans For Better Connectivity

The SMART cables in the oceans

We already know the number of cables that are actually placed at the oceanic surface and are connecting today, thousands of people, nations and their economies. These cables provide the internet and bring together all the continents at one place. But these cables are not just serving as a purpose of connectivity; they are now going to help us in understanding this floor of our oceans and things below it as well. And just to achieve this target three of the big sectors by the United Nations namely World Meteorological Organization, the International Telecommunication Union and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization have joined in their hands to incorporate sensors into these cables travelling under water.

These cables are going to consist of different optical repeaters that will be placed at regular intervals from each other that are said to be 50-100 kilometres apart. The reason to place them this close is to have the proper signal strength and not to lose it in between. These signals are going to provide us more details about the underwater conditions, the level of water and the climate of the depths we can’t regularly reach. It will also provide details about the earthquakes and tsunami hazards. This network is called Science Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications or in other words SMART. Many other big names have put in a good word to put SMART network in action. These systems already are present but they are by all means the future of connectivity and surveillance of our planet.


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